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Most frequently cited violations. North American Inspection Standards. North American Standard Bus Inspection procedures. North American Standard Cargo Tank Inspection procedures.

14 Resources
Updated CVSA Inspection Procedures [5613] ?

Explanations of the North American Inspection Standards

DOT Audit Preparation [23789] ?

A DOT audit can be eased by understanding the process and the officers that conduct it

DOT Registration and Licensing FAQ [39423] ?

Important and sometimes confusing compliance issues

IFTA-IRP Audit Training Manual [pdf] [39427] ?

A training presentation

Updated Motor Vehicle Pre-Trip Checklist [pdf] [7884] ?

Pre-trip vehicle inspection checklist

North American Standard Out of Service Criteria [36023] ?

Out of service violations preclude further operation of a commercial motor vehicle by its driver

Part 396 Inspection, Repair and Maintenance [5731] ?

Full text of FMSCA motor vehicle inspection requirements

Passing Your Fleet Inspection [39425] ?

Lessons learned from a trucking firm

RoadCheck Commercial Vehicle Inspection Procedures [39981] ?

North American Standard inspection procedures for commercial vehicles including hazmat

Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [18781] ?

Daily Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

VT-Vermont Vehicle Inspection Manuals [20589] ?

Inspection manual for trucks, buses, trailers and cars

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Fleet / Laws
Full text of the DOT motor vehicle laws for the states & federal government-USA

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