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Procedures to take with chemical spills. Information on sorbent materials. DOT hazardous materials packaging requirements. Performance-Oriented Packaging Standard. Clarifications & exemptions to hazmat regulations. North American Emergency Response Guidebook. Training requirements. ERT. Hazmat forms and documents. Hazardous Materials Incident Prevention Manual.

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ADR - European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road [32982] ?

Covers the packaging & labeling of hazardous goods and the construction & operation of the vehicle carrying the goods

Border Compliance Assistance Center [24876] ?

What you need to know to transport hazardous materials cargo from Mexico into the USA

Canada: Transportation of Dangerous Goods [17032] ?

Fleet hazmat requirements in Canada - Clear Language rules

Cargo Tank Safety - Rollover Protection [5761] ?

Cargo Tanks Used to Transport Hazardous Materials

Chemical Transportation Safety and Responsible Care [18737] ?

Safety info from the Union Pacific Railroad

CHEMTREC [32823] ?

24 hour HAZMAT communications center established by chemical industry

DOT Chart 10 [pdf] [19009] ?

Hazardous Materials Marking, Labeling & Placarding Guide

DOT Hazardous Material Regulations, Clarifications, Exemptions [2200] ?

The hazmat regulations, DOT clarification letters, information on DOT exemptions

DOT Hazardous Materials Library [3570] ?

Documents from the Office of Hazardous Materials

DOT Hazmat Information FAQ [3565] ?

Answers to commonly asked questions on hazardous materials DOT regulations

DOT Hazmat Training Information [3561] ?

Instructions and guidance on the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) training requirements

Updated EPA Spill Reporting Requirements [18740] ?

For oil spills and hazardous substance releases

ERG 2008 [10029] ?

Full text of the Emergency Response Guidebook

Updated Federal Hazmat Law: Guidance [32818] ?

About the US federal government Hazardous Materials Transportation Act

GHS Transport Pictograms [40244] ?

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictogram requirements for transportation

GHS Transport Pictograms - Download [40245] ?

Download the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictogram requirements for transportation

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals [32821] ?

Addresses classification of chemicals by hazard, harmonized hazard communication elements, labels, safety data sheets

Hazardous Materials References [14499] ?

Key final rules, proposed rules, agency standards and other agency documents

Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Modules [7848] ?

Online tutorial for DOT 49 CFR Parts 171-180 requirements

Updated Hazardous Waste Requirements - Transporters [1510] ?

General comparison of hazardous waste transporter requirements to universal waste transporter requirements

HAZMAT Transportation [24927] ?

Hazardous Materials Transportation training module

Hazmat Transportation Library [3571] ?

Large number of hazardous materials transportation publications and reports from DOT - pdf format

HazMat Transportation Safety Policy and Procedures [19413] ?

Example of a policy for hazardous materials transportation safety

HMTA: Hazardous Materials Transportation Act [32819] ?

Compliance guidance

How to Comply with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations [14460] ?

A broad overview of the requirements to safely transport hazardous materials

How to Ship a Nuclear Gauge [23604] ?

Follow these steps

IAEA Programme on Safe Transport of Radioactive Material [24576] ?

International Atomic Energy Agency's internationally accepted standards for the safe transport of radioactive material

Intermodal Guidelines [18738] ?

The methods described here are minimum standards

Motor Carrier Hazardous Materials Safety Regulations [10697] ?

US Dept of Transportation requirements for motor carrier hazardous material safety

NACD Responsible Distribution Process [22549] ?

An initiative of the National Association of Chemical Distributors

National Hazardous Materials Route Registry [5736] ?

USA national repository of non-radioactive hazardous materials (NRHM) routes

ND-North Dakota Hazmat Transport FAQ [37345] ?

About transporting hazardous materials in the state

North American Emergency Response Guidebook [3574] ?

Full version of the guidebook

Updated Performance-Oriented Packaging Standard [3131] ?

Fact sheet outlines DOT hazardous materials packaging requirements

Registration Requirements - Hazmat Transportation [3572] ?

Documents outline DOT registration requirements for transporting hazardous materials

Risk Assessment and Security Checklist for the Shipper of Hazmat [pdf] [27046] ?

To be used by those who ship hazardous materials

Risk Management Self-Evaluation Framework [22548] ?

A framework for risk management applicable to the transportation of hazardous materials

Security Plan Requirements for Hazmat Carriers [doc] [39956] ?

The regulation that requires motor carriers of hazardous materials to have a security plan

Shipment of Restricted Materials [pdf] [28503] ?

Discusses shipping regulated materials

Shipping Explosives Offsite [8849] ?

Guidance for properly preparing explosives for shipment offsite on public roads

Spills - DOT Incident Reporting [3573] ?

Support materials for compliance with DOT hazardous materials regulations relating to spills

Updated Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Materials [pdf] [18852] ?

Specs manual related to hazardous materials

UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Model Regulations [32820] ?

Addressed to governments concerned with the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods

Updated US DOT Hazmat Training Requirements [1468] ?

Answers commonly asked questions about DOT hazmat training requirements

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Chemicals / Databases
Online access to an extensive number of databases on chemicals

Disasters / Biochem
Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism

Disasters / Hazmat
Hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response - hazmat teams

Regulations / DOT
Full text of US Department ofTransportation (DOT) laws - plus, state DOT laws

Regulations / Hazmat
Full text of federal haz mat laws, exemptions, interpretations, rulemakings, etc

Regulations / Radiation
Full text of DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

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