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Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Fatigue and Alertness Study. Facts about drowsy driving and recommendations on effective countermeasures.

20 Resources
Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel [19493] ?

Changing Behaviors to Prevent Drowsy Driving and Promote Traffic Safety

Commercial Driver Rest Area Requirements: Making Space for Safety [12405] ?

How to Determine Commercial Drivers' Requirements For Parking at Rest Areas

Drive Alert - Arrive Alive [5720] ?

Provides guidance to prevent drowsy driving accidents

Driver Fatigue Prevention [26175] ?

Know the warning signs and how to prevent fatigure related vehicle accidents

Driver Sleepiness and Risk of Serious Injury to Car Occupants [19871] ?

New Zealand control study - sleepiness in car drivers significantly increases the risk of a crash

Drowsy Driving [24224] ?

Reducing costs, risks, and liabilities of fatigue when driving and operating equipment and vehicles

Drowsy Driving and Automobile Crashes [14563] ?

Results of a report sponsored by the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

Drowsy Driving Danger Signals [19492] ?

It is dangerous to drive when sleepy

Drowsy Driving Prevention [12656] ?

Tips for staying awake while driving, etc

Drowsy Driving Prevention Toolkit [5718] ?

Drowsy driving education materials

Effects of Partial and Total Sleep Deprivation On Driving Performance [8636] ?

Study examined the effects of reduced sleep & progressive sleep deprivation on driver accident rates

Ergonomic Tips for Drivers [pdf] [39978] ?

A checklist to assist drivers avoid body stress and fatigue

Fighting Fatigue [15609] ?

Results of research dealing with fatigue and work

Maggie's Law [24226] ?

New Jersey statute which turns drowsy driving into a criminal offense

Obstructive Sleep Apnea [pdf] [40788] ?

Guidance regarding driver qualification and OSA

Rumble Strips Guidance [12403] ?

Technical advisory related to rumble strips

Sleep Apnea, the Phantom Cause of Heart Disease and Accidents [8244] ?

Many transportation accidents may be related to an unseen epidemic of snoring and sleep apnea

Staying Alert & Fit to Drive [pdf] [25919] ?

Tips for staying alert while driving on the highway

Study: Prevalence of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Drowsy Drivers [pdf] [40758] ?

21 percent of fatal vehicular crashes between 2009 and 2013 involved drowsy drivers

Western Australia: Commercial Driver Fatigue Management [1732] ?

Materials to support training in fatigue management for commercial drivers

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