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Statistics, laws, regulations related to drunk driving. How to recognize a drunk driver. Statistics on drunk driving. Ideas to prevent drunk driving.

7 Resources
Combating Drunk Driving [15711] ?

A safety initiative

Digest of Impaired Driving and Beverage Control Laws [pdf] [32912] ?

2007 report on state laws

Drunk Driving Fact Sheets [15714] ?

A series of fact sheets related to drunk driving in the USA

DUI/DWI State Laws & Regulations [322] ?

Chart overview of state highway traffic laws and regulations related to alcohol

DWI: Drinking and Driving [15709] ?

The dangers of drunk driving and the penalties

DWI: Signs of a Drunk Driver [15707] ?

How to recognize a drunk driver

Evaluating Transdermal Alcohol Measuring Devices [pdf] [32911] ?

Effectiveness of two types of transdermal devices that detect alcohol at the skin surface.

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