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Fact sheets on safe driving. Driving safety materials. Fleet safety meeting outlines and safety talks. Blind spots. Defensive driving tips. RV safety. RR grade crossing safety.

35 Resources
Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Collision [pdf] [39411] ?

Tips to avoid deer-vehicle collisions through attentive driving behavior

Avoiding Rear End Collisions [pdf] [26645] ?

Safety guidance

CO-Colorado Chain Up Tips [pdf] [23317] ?

For commercial drivers

Defensive Driving Rules [20732] ?

A series of driving tips

Defensive Driving Rules [24239] ?

Approximately 70 safe driving rules

Defensive Driving Tips [27172] ?

Safety tips related to rules of the road

Drinking and Driving [18872] ?

Tips on how to intervene and get the keys from someone about to drive drunk

Drive Safely Work Week Materials [39532] ?

Materials on defensive driving safety

Driver Distraction [36055] ?

A driving safety fact sheet

Driver Safety Bulletins [19682] ?

Safety bulletins for truck drivers

Driver Safety Education Center [5732] ?

Provides safe driving safety materials

Driving Courtesy: A Habit That Ensures Safety [pdf] [11340] ?

Courtesy as an important part of defensive driving

Driving Distractions Factsheet [pdf] [25964] ?

Rules to follow to help eliminate distractions while driving

Driving in Fog [40033] ?

Requires extra caution and slower speeds

Driving Safely Through Work Zones [pdf] [39420] ?

Tips to avoid the hazards and dangers that can be encountered when driving through roadway work zones

Driving Safety Info [25011] ?

A series of consumer driving safety fact sheets

Driving Safety Tips [5714] ?

How to prevent accidents, injuries, and deaths by driving safely

Effectiveness of Daytime Running Lights [26679] ?

For passenger vehicles

Halting Rear-End Accidents [25362] ?

How to avoid rearending other vehicles

Highway/Rail Grade Crossing [12392] ?

Grade crossing safety materials

How to Prevent Vehicle Rollovers [11339] ?

Tips for preventing rollovers and minimizing damage

How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout [12524] ?

What to do if you have a blowout on the highway

How To: Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots [5706] ?

How To Eliminate The Dreaded "Blind Spot"

Updated Key Work-Related Roadway Safety Resources [12395] ?

Safety materials to promote safe driving of workers

Prevent Traffic Crash Injuries, Deaths [3617] ?

Safety brochures and fact sheets useful for fleet safety talks

Read Your Road [pdf] [12394] ?

Highway user's guide to driving safety - training materials

Rollover Accidents [32179] ?

Facts About Rollover Accidents

Rules for Safe Driving [18689] ?

There are a few basic rules for safe driving that everyone should know -- and follow

Safe Driving Practices for Employees [pdf] [29121] ?

Tips to ensure employee safety while operating a motor vehicle

Safe Refueling [39924] ?

Three rules of safe refueling

Understanding Hydroplaning [26644] ?

What it is and how to avoid it

Vehicle Backing Guidelines [pdf] [25355] ?

Tips to assist with safely backing a vehicle

Vehicle Skid Avoidance [36054] ?

A driving safety fact sheet

Winter Safe Driving Tips [20727] ?

Tips to control the hazards and dangers of winter driving

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Fleet / Age
Driving tips for senior drivers and teenagers

Fleet / Aggression
Materials on aggressive driving and road rage

Fleet / Drivers
MVRs. FAQ for owner operators. Log books. Driver response time.

Fleet / Fatigue
The effects of fatigue on drivers

Fleet / Manuals
Full text of reference manuals for fleet program operations

Fleet / RV
Tips for drivers and owners of recreational vehicles and mobile homes

Fleet / Training
Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

Fleet / Trucking
Safety and the trucking industry

Health / Consumer Info
Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

Safety Mgt / Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Safety Mgt / Databases
Internet databases of workplace safety and health documents, statistics, etc.

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