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Safety issues related to cell phone use and texting, digital billboards and other hazards causing driver distraction

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Cell Phone Conversation Impairs Driving Performance [19495] ?

Overhearing cell phone chats reduces cognitive performance, study finds

Cell Phone Driving Laws [14568] ?

The status of state legislation related to cell phone use

Cell Phone Restrictions - State and Local Jurisdictions [27606] ?

The following chart depicts the current status of state laws

Cell Phone Safety Tips [27646] ?

Cell phone safety tips to follow if you use a cell phone while driving

Cell Phone Use and Texting While Driving Laws [36903] ?

Chart of cell phone and text messaging state laws

Cell Phone Use May Dial Up Crashes [22225] ?

The main factor in most motor vehicle collisions is driver inattentiveness

Cellphone State Laws [36902] ?

Charts of cell phone and text messaging laws

Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Texting Ban [39426] ?

Guidance on the regulation prohibiting texting by drivers of CMVs

Digital Billboards - Driving Threat [36665] ?

A discussion of whether there are adverse impacts from roadside digital billboards

Distracted Driving [14567] ?

What employers can do

Distracted Driving - DOT Regulatory Guidance [38493] ?

From the US Department of Transportation

Distracted Driving - Facts [39286] ?

Facts and statistics

Distracted Driving - Research [38494] ?

Research reports concerning distracted driving

Distracted Driving - Sample Employer Policy [38489] ?

A sample policy, press release and memo to employees

Distracted Driving Campaign [38488] ?

US DOT National Distracted Driving Strategy - statistics, tools, and more

Distracted Driving Prevention [38498] ?

The risk factors

Distracted Driving State Laws [37007] ?

A chart of cell phone use and text messaging state laws

Hand-Held or Hands-Free? [pdf] [27645] ?

The Effects of Wireless Phone Interface Type On Phone Task Performance and Driver Preference

Investigation of the Safety Implications of Wireless Communication in Vehicles [pdf] [3706] ?

Comprehensive review of relevant published research studies on safety & vehicle cellular phone use

No Texting While Driving [pdf] [39761] ?

Texting while driving dramatically increases the risk of a motor vehicle injury or fatality

NY-New York State's Cell Phone Law [20297] ?

Explains laws regarding cell phone use and texting

OSHA - Distracted Driving [39285] ?

Materials on distracted driving from US OSHA

Safety Effects Of Electronic Billboards On Driver Attention And Distraction [36666] ?

A series of US Federal Highway Administration documents on the subject

Safety Information About Electronic Billboards [36667] ?

Billboards called source of distraction

Sample Cell Phone Safety Policy [pdf] [36397] ?

A fill in the blank sample safety policy

Sample Hands Free While Driving Policy [15708] ?

Example human resource policy

Sample Policies: Cell Phones and Distracted Driving [38497] ?

Cell Phone Policy Kit for Employers

State Laws - Cell Phone and Texting [27635] ?

The following chart outlines all state-level cell phone and text messaging laws

State Laws: Distracted Driving [38491] ?

Bans on hand-held devices or texting - summaries of state laws

Young Workers and Distracted Driving [38496] ?

Youth have increased risk of danger due to increased exposure to the hazard

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