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Research reports on human factors and driver safety. Factors influencing driver response time. MVR insurance point table. Full text of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 - Title 30 of the US Crime Bill. Fact sheets on drivers such as new drivers, teenagers, elderly, and passengers. Answers to common questions asked by owner-operators. Commercial driver handbooks. Measuring driver response time.

29 Resources
10-Codes [11654] ?

Used by the police, fire, truckers and other types of radio operators

An Examination of Car-Truck Collisions [4748] ?

Results of research related to large truck collisions with other vehicles on the roadway

CMV Driver Safety [35818] ?

Tips for commercial motor vehicle drivers from FMCSA on driver safety

Commercial Driver Rest Area Requirements [12574] ?

How to Determine Commercial Drivers' Requirements For Parking at Rest Areas

Driver Ergonomics [40404] ?

How to adjust mirrors, seat, etc

Driving After the 14-hour Limit [37014] ?

The rules provide three situations in which a driver can operate a CMV beyond the 14-hour limit

Updated Driving Ergonomics [pdf] [17031] ?

Describes the ergonomic hazards faced by drivers

Driving Safely: Senior Drivers [8629] ?

Behind the wheel safety advice for senior drivers

Updated Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements [39414] ?

Includes instruction in four areas; driver qualification, hours of service, driver wellness and whistleblower protection

Hours of Service [40579] ?

Resources related to US Federal Driversí Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations

Hours of Service FAQ [40481] ?

FMCSA HOS requirements

Hours of Service Rules [37183] ?

HOS rules for property and passenger-carrying CMV drivers as required by the US Dept of Transportation

Updated Hours of Service Rules - Canada [40479] ?

FAQ answers common questions

Interstate Truck Driver Hours of Service [40478] ?

Compliance guidance

Logging Daylight Savings Time [40787] ?

Watch your math

Office of Motor Carrier Safety Hotline [5739] ?

A toll-free number for drivers nationwide to report violations of federal motor carrier regulations

Part 395 Hours of Service of Drivers [39386] ?

Covers maximum driving time, Automatic on-board recording devices, Electronic on-board recording devices, etc

Passenger Carrying Vehicles - Maximum Driving Time [37179] ?

As required by the US Dept of Transportation

PSP - Pre-employment Screening Program [39418] ?

FMCSA provides electronic access to a driverís crash and inspection history

Quick Sleep Tips for Truck Drivers [40749] ?

Advice for truckers

Revised Hours-Of-Service (HOS) Regulations [40477] ?

This summary of HOS regulations duty status lines apply to federal FMCSA regulations

Short Haul Drivers Exempt from 30 Min. Rest Break Requirement [40480] ?

FMCSA drops break requirement for drivers operating under 100-mile exemption

Split Break Guide [pdf] [40476] ?

Examples of how to calculate split breaks

Stress Factors Experienced by Female Commercial Drivers [13385] ?

How psychological stress contributes to injury & illness statistics of female commercial drivers

Stretches for the Professional Truck Driver [pdf] [31758] ?

11 different stretches for truck drivers to use on a regular basis

Three Points of Contact - Falls from Equipment [39417] ?

Practicing the three-points-of-contact way of climbing into a cab

Truck Drivers - Sleeper Berth Provision [37182] ?

HOS rules for property-carrying CMV drivers as required by the US Dept of Transportation

US State Motorist Law Facts [49] ?

Charts of the state laws for DUI, age-related, speed limits and more

WayPoint Research in the News - Driving Screening [10488] ?

News articles on using a new driving predictor test to screen potential drivers

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Fleet / Age
Driving tips for senior drivers and teenagers

Fleet / Fatigue
The effects of fatigue on drivers

Fleet / Fleet Policies
Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Fleet / Medical Exams
Guidelines on DOT medical exam requirements

Fleet / MVR
Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Fleet / Substance Abuse
Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

Fleet / Training
Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

Fleet / Trucking
Safety and the trucking industry

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