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Safety guidelines, rules of the road, state laws for bicycles, mopeds, electric bikes, scooters. Information on bicycle helmets.

33 Resources
A Comfortable Bike Saddle [27603] ?

Basics including how to properly adjust your bicycle seat

Bicycle Helmet Safety [10550] ?

The basics

Bicycle Safety - Helmets & Bicycle Use Hazards [10553] ?

A series of bicycle safety documents

Bicycle Traffic Safety [27602] ?

Learn how to operate your bicycle in traffic

Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Accident Study [27595] ?

Results of a study conducted in 1979 and 1980 in the Boston Metro area

Bike Helmet Guide [12684] ?

Bike safety and helmet advice

Bike Riders at Risk at Night [10551] ?

Thoughts on bicycle lights

Bikeability Checklist [pdf] [20241] ?

Evaluate potential problems in your community

CFR 16 Chapter II Part 1203 Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets [21042] ?

CPSC requirements for bicycle safety helmets

Dangers of Split Bike Handlebar Stem Extensions [27604] ?

Certain handlebar stems look as though they should be reliable but have serious engineering flaws

Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Bicycles [33702] ?

Guidance on effective strategies.

Helmet Science [1417] ?

News articles on sports helmets

Helmets: Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute [1418] ?

Consumer information on bicycle helmet laws, guides to helmets, tookits for program organizers, etc.

Identifying Critical Behavior Leading to Collisions Between Bicycles and Motor Vehicles [27598] ?

Results of a California study conducted in 1974

Mandatory US Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmet Use Laws [17776] ?

Some states have enacted age-specific bicycle helmet laws - most apply to under age 16

MI-Michigan - Riding a Moped Safely [pdf] [15939] ?

Registration and rules of the road requirements in the state of Michigan

Mopeds - Legal Issues [15938] ?

Electric scooters, being a new technology, are poorly addressed by current laws

Mopeds - MA-Massachusetts - Moped Definitions & Requirements [15941] ?

Definition, operating requirements and restrictions when operating a moped

Safety Tips for Bicycles [17737] ?

These tips can help keep you riding safely

Scooter Safety Info [25005] ?

Safety fact sheet for scooter use

Scooter Safety Tips [11615] ?

Some good tips that all kids should follow when riding their scooters

Scooter Safety Tips [13691] ?

Simple Safety Tips for Scooters

Segway Manuals and Guides [29168] ?

Riders guide and reference manuals, including battery care booklet

Segway Personal Transporter Safety Studies [29166] ?

Has been evaluated by independent agencies representing interests from around the world

Segway Recall Notice [29167] ?

This voluntary recall applies to all i Series through mid-September 2006

Selecting a Bike Helmet for Kids [23814] ?

Choose a helmet carefully and make sure it fits your child properly

State Personal Transporter Regulations [29165] ?

Most states have enacted legislation to allow use of PTs on sidewalks, bike paths, and certain roads

The Effect of Bike Lane System Design Upon Cyclist Traffic Errors [27600] ?

Results of a California study conducted in 1978 and revised in 1982

Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs [17987] ?

References and resources for promoting helmets

Traffic Signal Actuators & Bicycles [27594] ?

Actuator loops work very unreliably for bicyclists resulting in red light running incidents

Unpowered Scooter-Related Injuries [22525] ?

United States, 1998--2000

Unpowered Scooter-Related Injuries 1998-2000 [3973] ?

Rapid increase in injuries associated with riding the new lightweight, folding, unpowered scooters

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Regulations / Bikes-Scooters
State laws relating to bicycles, mopeds, electric bikes and scooters

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Sports injury prevention

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