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Statistical data on the extent of the problem. Resources on countermeasures and advice on how to control aggressive drivers.

7 Resources
Aggressive Drivers: Tips [22228] ?

Safety and preventative measures when you encounter an aggressive driver

Updated Aggressive Driving [3018] ?

Guides, planners and information to describe the problem & countermeasures to control aggressive drivers

Updated Aggressive Driving [21652] ?

What to do if you encounter an aggressive driver

Road Rage & Aggressive Driving [12180] ?

A series of articles on the subject

Road Rage Factsheet [pdf] [25926] ?

Some tips about road rage

Take the Aggressive Driver Test [18870] ?

Answer approx 40 yes/no questions to determine if you are an aggressive driver

Tips to Avoid Road Rage [25354] ?

Consider these tactics when you are confronted by aggressive drivers

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Safety brochures and fact sheets useful for fleet safety talks

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