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Accident reconstruction materials. Methods for determining causes & contributing factors of vehicle accidents. Guide to determine the preventability of an accident. Articles focused on what the driver should do in the event of an accident. Causes of trailer underride accidents. Case studies of accidents.

21 Resources
Accident Investigation Manual for Patrol Officers [1648] ?

Exerpts from a basic vehicle accident investigation manual - second edition

Accidents - Refinement of the Collision Algorithm [1645] ?

Text of the presentation of SAE Paper 97-097 by Brian G. McHenry

An Investigation of Speed & Stopping Distances [1921] ?

Study of the table of speed and stopping distances specified in the Code of Virginia

Auto Accident Checklist [pdf] [5752] ?

If you have an accident, what to do

Crash Avoidance Features of Cars [21569] ?

Database by make and model

Updated Crash Avoidance Technologies [10534] ?

Many new vehicles offer advanced crash avoidance feature

Crash Weighting Analysis Report [40791] ?

FMSCA's final report to congress - Jan, 2015

Event Data Recorders - Federal Law [1642] ?

Federal Regulation (49CFR563) on Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders

FARS Reports Library [11415] ?

Access to NCSA-published reports on crashes

Fleet Accident Cost Calculator [36650] ?

Find out how much revenue it takes to offset fleet accident costs

Motor Vehicle Accident Photographs [26039] ?

The value of photographs for your motor vehicle accident insurance claim

Motor Vehicle Crash Data [40733] ?

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

NTSB Highway Accident Reports [3151] ?

National Transportation Safety Board highway accident reports

Updated Passenger Van Safety [17791] ?

What’s the Concern - Higher Rate of Rollover

Red Right Cameras - Overview of the Issues [19681] ?

Automated cameras have been posted by law enforcement officials in some intersections

Technical Essays [1641] ?

Technical articles written by a an expert in mechanical forensics on accident reconstruction

The Role of Driver Distraction in Traffic Crashes [19490] ?

Driver inattention is a major contributor to highway crashes

Throttle Mechanism Failure Analysis [24617] ?

The accelerator pedal stuck and caused an accident

Traffic Accident Investigation [14073] ?

Procedures used by the US Army

Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin [11407] ?

Reference library for technical articles related to traffic accident reconstruction

Training of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers [12290] ?

A Synthesis of Safety Practice

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Fleet / MVR
Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Fleet / Statistics
Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Safety Mgt / Accidents
Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

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