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Federal tax guides and tips. State tax forms. Information on state excise and sales taxes. Miscellaneous taxes.

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Federal Tax Rates [13583] ?

Corporate and individual tax data

Audit Techniques Guides (ATGs) [28067] ?

Focus on developing tax examiners for a particular market segment e.g., restaurants, carpentry, car dealers, etc.

Business Taxes [13586] ?

Answers to common questions related to business taxes

COLA - Cost of Living Adjustments [30106] ?

As calculated by the US Social Security Administration

Collecting Sales Tax Over the Internet [22385] ?

Advice for small business

Commuter Choice Tax Incentives [19485] ?

Obtain employer and employee tax savings by providing employees with commuting benefits

EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System [19749] ?

Individuals and businesses can pay USA federal taxes online

Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information [32461] ?

Information for electronic W-2 filers

Federal Tax Calendar [14451] ?

Shows due dates for calendar year businesses and individuals

Federal Tax Info [14452] ?

FICA & FUTA wage base and rates 401 (k) limits, etc

Updated Federal Tax Tips [13579] ?

Tax tips for individuals

Fringe Benefits [14461] ?

Which fringe benefits may be excluded from income

How to Appeal an IRS Bill Assessment [37310] ?

IRS guidance on appeals process

IRS e-file [17968] ?

Information for filing electronically including electronic payment options

Updated IRS Forms and Instructions [17969] ?

Download US IRS tax forms and their instructions

Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 [23961] ?

State internet taxes

Motor Fuel Tax [13566] ?

Information on state and federal motor fuel taxes

Quick Reference Fiscal Table [23060] ?

Which states have individual income taxes and sales tax

Sales Tax on the Internet [23059] ?

Who pays and who doesn't

Sales Tax Rates [22379] ?

State sales tax rates along with combined average city and county rates

State & Local Payroll Tax [14450] ?

Information by state on income taxes, local taxes, unemployment, disability, etc.

State Sales / Use Tax Forms [13563] ?

Links to the tax forms page for each of the indicated states

State Sales Tax Rates [26281] ?

State sales tax rate tables

State Tax Electronic Filing Standards [13564] ?

Links to the Electronic Funds Transfer program for each state that has website info available

State Tax Forms [13562] ?

Click on a state name to get information linked to that state

State Tax Forms [21946] ?

Links to state websites where state tax forms can be located

State Tax Information [26280] ?

Click on a state name to get access to each state's websites related to state taxes

State Tax Internet Filing [13567] ?

A list of state internet and electronic filing options

State Taxes [22381] ?

The revenue sources and income tax rates for each state - plus federal tax revenues by state

Streamline Sales Tax System for the 21st Century [23058] ?

This is the project teams' website which provides the text of the model act

Tax Law Basics [18509] ?

Legal advice to assist small business and individuals understand their rights

Tax Policy Blog [22382] ?

From the Tax Foundation

Understanding Your Business Taxes [16444] ?

Advice for small business

Where to File Paper IRS Tax Returns [39818] ?

With or without payment

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Regulations / Tax Codes
Full text of the Internal Revenue Code Title 26 of the U.S. Code

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