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Resources on greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading

12 Resources
Basics: Carbon Offsetting [38644] ?

What it is

Basics: Emissions Reduction Credits and Trading [38650] ?

About emissions trading

Basics: Emissions Trading Explained [31192] ?

European Union greenhouse gas emissions trading

Basics: Kyoto Protocol Emissions Trading [38645] ?

As set out in Article 17 allows countries that have emission units to spare to sell this excess capacity

Updated CA-California Cap and Trade Program [38652] ?

Information about California's emission trading program

CCX Chicago Climate Exchange [31185] ?

The commodity traded at CCX is the CFI contract, each of which represents 100 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

EEX - European Energy Exchange [38653] ?

Trade emission rights

EU ETS - European Union Emissions Trading System [38647] ?

The biggest international scheme for the trading of greenhouse gas emission allowances

ICE Intercontinental Exchange [31186] ?

Derivatives Exchanges and Clearing Houses

International Emissions Trading Association [31191] ?

A voice for the business community on emissions trading

NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe [38654] ?

The world’s largest commodity derivatives exchange and one of Europe’s leading carbon markets

RGGI Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative [31294] ?

Multi-state cap-and-trade program with a market-based emissions trading system - Northeast & Midatlantic states

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