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General economic data. Global Financial Data. Consumer Price Index. Financial Market Data. Monthly Treasury Bill Rates. Treasury Bond Futures Data. Term Structure Data. Free Financial and Economics Data Sources.

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Updated Data Library [17090] ?

Over 1 million economic and financial data series

Dow Jones Commodity Indexes DJ-UBSCI [23465] ?

Composed of futures contracts on physical commodities

Dow Jones Indexes [17060] ?

Dow Jones Industrial Average and more

Economic Times Series Page [13067] ?

Over 100,000 data files, with charts and MS Excel files for each - USA, Europe, Japan, Canada

Exchange Rates [12213] ?

Daily foreign exchange rates, information about currencies and currency derivatives

Updated FDIC Statistics on Banking [14923] ?

Provides detailed aggregate financial information as well as key structural data quarterly

FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research [3535] ?

Economic information and data to researchers interested in the U.S. economy

FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index Series [23959] ?

The index provides a standard with which to measure the REIT industry's growth and performance on a real-time basis

Missing Money [20922] ?

An on-line searchable database which contains unclaimed property records from participating states

NAREIT Global Real Estate Index [pdf] [23960] ?

REIT industry data - international

NASDQ Market Share Statistics [17061] ?

NASDAQ data and reports

State Unclaimed Property Databases [20923] ?

Links to a local state's unclaimed property web site

US Economic Indicators [24040] ?

Prepared and published monthly for the Joint Economic Committee, by the Council of Economic Advisers

US TradeStats [26348] ?

Import/export and trade balance data - national trade data and state export data

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Financial Risk / Cost Estimating
Online models for estimating the cost of a project, building valuation data, etc

Financial Risk / Economy
Historical US economic and financial data, including daily interest rates, etc.

Statistics / Economic
Government and industry sources of statistical data on economics

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