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Excerpt from Means book on successful estimating methods. ICBO valuation data representing average costs for most buildings in the USA. Estimating the unit, average, & total effort (man-hours or cost) required to produce a given unit. Helpful hints in construction cost estimating. Per diem rates. Home improvement costs.

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AACE International [9334] ?

An association for the advancement of cost engineering

Cost Estimating - Building Construction [3789] ?

Cost estimating worksheets for building construction projects

Cost Spreading Calculator [9335] ?

Used to spread the estimated cost of a program up to 8 years

Updated Department of Defense Reimbursable Rates [13008] ?

Reimbursable rates from the DoD

FAA Acquisition System Toolset [9337] ?

Lifecycle phases, decisions and management control

Fan Cost Index [21989] ?

Annual index tracks the cost of attendance to major league sports events in the USA

Financial Converters and Calculators [9338] ?

A variety of online financial based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs

First Year Budget Worksheet [18501] ?

Determining Your Startup Budget

Learning Curve Calculator [9332] ?

Repetitive Learning Cost Model And Calculator

Per Diem Rates - USA Federal Government [8001] ?

Per diem rates for USA federal travelers - including allowances for visits to foreign areas

Predictability of the Costs, Time and Success of Development [pdf] [40174] ?

Early study of cost, performance, and schedule variations that occur in DoD programs

Present Value of $1 to Be Paid in the Future [17724] ?

Use this table to find the Net Present Value of a major purchase or project

US Recent Home Sales [17879] ?

Find out how much homes have sold for in a neighborhood in the USA

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