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Currency converters. US cost of living calculators. Inflation calculators. Step by step guide to investment planning using financial calculators. Large number of personal finance calculators and interactive quizzes. Online calculators and resources to help calculate costs of moving and financing a home. Personal auto insurance coverage analysis calculator. Long Term Disability Needs Calculator. Personal financial planning calculators focusing on life insurance and investment strategies. US Consumer Price Inflator/Deflator. US Current Value of Old Money. Currency converters.

26 Resources
Building Repair Cost Pricing [17958] ?

A series of articles on the insurance claims estimate process, unit cost pricing related to property damage

CNN Calculators [657] ?

Series of financial calculators from CNN

Currency Converter [1438] ?

Obtain the exchange rates for the world's currency from January 1, 1990 to the present

Currency Exchange Rates [18022] ?

Updated daily on weekdays

Depreciation Calculator [34134] ?

Determine depreciation calculations for any fixed asset using a variety of depreciation methods

Fidelity Income Strategy Evaluator [40139] ?

Suggests which combination of products will best help you replace your paycheck in retirement

Financial Calculators [26247] ?

Mortgage, loan, tax, retirement savings, investment, auto, savings, personal finance, business calculators

Financial Programs [15372] ?

Online personal financial calculators

Inflation Calculator [2879] ?

Adjusts for inflation using the Consumer Price Index

Interactive Currency Table [1469] ?

Select a currency table in units of a specific monetary unit (e.g., American dollar)

Life Events Calculators [22237] ?

A series of personal finance calculators

Life Insurance Needs Calculator [6344] ?

Estimates the amount of life insurance coverage you need

Updated Mortgage Calculator [21778] ?

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Mortgage, Credit Card, Savings, Auto Leasing & Loan Calculators [532] ?

Online calculators require a browser that supports Java

Mutual Fund Cost Calculator [17517] ?

A Tool for Comparing Mutual Funds

Online Financial Calculators [8620] ?

Compound interest, present value, rate of return, annuity, bond yield, mortgage, retirement

Percent Change Calculator [9342] ?

On-line calculator determines the percent change between two numbers

Personal Finance Calculators [33541] ?

On-line calculators to help you solve some common financial questions

Personal Finance Calculators [14917] ?

Investing tools and more

Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount - Five Ways to Compute [9336] ?

Adjusting costs from one year to another using the CPI, GDP, Unskilled Wage, GDP Per Capita and relative share of GDP

Retirement Calculator [35239] ?

Interactive tool for analyzing your savings program

Senior Economic Checkup [40583] ?

Online financial calculator for seniors

Tax Calculators [2005] ?

Series of tax calculators

US Cost of Living Comparisons for 399 US Job Markets [9344] ?

A calculator to compare cost of living between 399 major US metro areas

US Living Wage Calculator [9343] ?

To estimate the cost of living in your community or region.

US Treasury Securities Estimation Calculators [38432] ?

Help approximate the future value of your savings bonds and show how much and how long it will take to reach your goals

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