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Business finance related materials. Pension plans. ERISA. 401(k) reference materials. Accounting tutorials. Internal audits. Enforcement actions - NASD, OCC, SEC, SIPA. Financial modeling spreadsheets. Databases of company profiles and credit ratings. Cost estimating methods. Financial calculators. Derivatives. Economic data. ESOPs. Finance and tax news. Stock exchange resources. Bond market. FASB. GASB. PBGC. SEC. Funding, venture capital, financing.

Also refer to Categories: General Business (all) Human Resources - Benefits. Legal - Business Law, Insurance Law, Securities Law.Organizations - Actuary, Business, Insurance, Risk Mgt., Surety, Taxes. Publications - Insurance, Management, Risk Mgt. Risk Mgt (all) Security - Employee Theft, Financial Crime, Fraud. Statistics - Economic, Insurance, US Government. USA Government - Commerce, Justice, Treasury.

Audit Guides

Full text of audit manuals, guides, tools, checklists used by the FDIC when conducting bank audits.


Currency converters. US cost of living calculators. Inflation calculators. Step by step guide to investment planning using financial calculators. Large number of personal finance calculators and interactive quizzes. Online calculators and resources to help calculate costs of moving and financing a home. Personal auto insurance coverage analysis calculator. Long Term Disability Needs Calculator. Personal financial planning calculators focusing on life insurance and investment strategies. US Consumer Price Inflator/Deflator. US Current Value of Old Money. Currency converters.

Cost Estimating

Excerpt from Means book on successful estimating methods. ICBO valuation data representing average costs for most buildings in the USA. Estimating the unit, average, & total effort (man-hours or cost) required to produce a given unit. Helpful hints in construction cost estimating. Per diem rates. Home improvement costs.


General economic data. Global Financial Data. Consumer Price Index. Financial Market Data. Monthly Treasury Bill Rates. Treasury Bond Futures Data. Term Structure Data. Free Financial and Economics Data Sources.


The use of derivatives and who is using them. Common misconceptions about the use of derivatives. The insurance industry's use of derivatives for managing risk. Non-derivatives risk management tactics and techniques.


Bank rate averages. FRED Database - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Economic data. Business cycle data. NAPM Report on Business. PMI composite index. Labor and employment rates in the USA.

Emissions Trading

Resources on greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading

Financial Blogs

Links to financial blogs focused on economics and US financial policies

Rating Agencies

Company Credit Ratings: Duff & Phelps, Standard and Poor's, Moody's - US and International


SEC Filing Retrieval Toolkit. Real time access to EDGAR database for SEC filings. Reference tools to understand SEC financials.


Federal tax guides and tips. State tax forms. Information on state excise and sales taxes. Miscellaneous taxes.

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