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Self-help guides to assist workers in adjusting their workstations to prevent injury. Online quiz designed to analyze knowledge of proper computer workstation adjustment. Full text of an occupational safety and health training manual on preventing manual handling injuries. Guides for workers in university settings, including laboratory ergonomics. Manual handling guides. Guidelines on lifting and preventing injuries of the back.

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Australia - Code of Practice Manual Tasks [26428] ?

Preventing manual handling injuries in the workplace training package

Back Safety Online [11434] ?

Online tutorial for workers about back safety

Basic Industrial Ergonomics [1276] ?

A tutorial for industrial and manufacturing engineers

Basic Microscope Ergonomics [14045] ?

An explanation of the medical problems reported by microscopoe users and their solutions

Basic Principles of Ergonomics [27033] ?

The field of ergonomics can be summarized in a series of principles

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Resources [27911] ?

Resources to help review the basics about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Computer Do's & Don'ts [825] ?

Guidelines to reduce ergonomics exposures from using computers

Ergonomics Awareness [3208] ?

Online tutorial covers the basics of ergonomics

Ergonomics Fact Sheet [pdf] [39244] ?

For use in training what ergonomics is

Ergonomics for Computer Users [13223] ?

Online training guide for computer users

Ergonomics in Foundries [39237] ?

A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and support materials

Ergonomics Program - University [3282] ?

Guidance for workers in university settings

Ergonomics Small Business Training Handouts [28908] ?

For construction and for general business - guides, handouts, posters

Ergonomics Training Handouts [23713] ?

Download a series of training leaflets realted to work-related ergonomics disorders

Ergonomics Training Materials [13090] ?

Online courses and more

Ergonomics Training Materials for Healthcare Facilities [26127] ?

Ergonomics training fact sheets, etc for healthcare workers

Ergonomics Training Presentation [pdf] [8966] ?

For everyone

Guidelines for Computer Use by Children [958] ?

Ergonomic guidelines for children

HP Ergonomics [9448] ?

To avoid risk of serious injury to hands, wrists, or other joints, read this Safety & Comfort Guide

Laboratory Ergonomics Tips [24138] ?

How to control laboratary ergonomic risk factors

Office Ergonomics Fact Sheet [21045] ?

Handout for training office workers about office ergonomics

Office Ergonomics Tutorial [11439] ?

Online tutorial for office workers on ergonomics

Pipetting Related Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) [3288] ?

Pipetting risk factors and injury avoidance

Rest Breaks for Computer Operators [3300] ?

A discussion of 5 minute breaks

Safe Computing [40015] ?

A user-friendly learning module on ergonomic computer use

Updated Tips for Healthy Computer Use [102] ?

Guidelines for computer use to prevent injury

Wheelchair Transfers [21705] ?

A health care providers guide

Workplace Ergonomics Training Materials [35724] ?

A series of ergonomics fact sheets related to industrial, service industries and general industry

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Ergonomics / Computers
Computer use hazards and guidelines

Ergonomics / Exercises
Exercises & stretches that can help prevent CTD injuries, eyestrain, etc.

Ergonomics / Software
Ergonomics-related software available for downloading on the internet

Human Resources / Telecommuting
Fill-in-the-blank telecommuting policies, training programs, etc.

Human Resources / Training
Corporate training and development resources

Safety / Office Safety
Checklists, office safety programs, training materials, home offices, etc.

Safety Mgt / Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

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