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OSHA's ergonomics symptoms survey. Downloadable files on musculoskeletal discomfort surveys for males, females and hands.

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Computer Symptoms & Discomfort [27460] ?

How to alleviate discomfort when using computers

Current Health Questionnaire - Symptoms [pdf] [27928] ?

Download a sample form to evaluate bodily workplace stresses

Ergonomic Questionnaire [pdf] [23309] ?

Used to identify occupational repetitive stress injury risk factors and make appropriate recommendations

Ergonomics Evaluation Form [148] ?

Employee checklist for medical symptoms from computer workstations

Job Stress Quiz [24720] ?

Take this job stress quiz to determine the approximate level of stress you experience at your workplace

Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaires [2062] ?

Downloadable files on musculoskeletal discomfort surveys for males, females and hands

Office Ergonomics - Symptoms [27925] ?

If you are suffering from any discomfort from office computer use, find out how to alleviate the problem

Risk & Body Mapping [22538] ?

How to develop a risk survey for your workplace

Sample Worker Ergonomics Symptoms Questionnaire [19244] ?

Questions use a five point or ten point scale

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Ergonomics / Checklists
Checklists designed to evaluate proper ergonomic workstation arrangements

Safety Mgt / Audits
Regulatory compliance self-inspections, program audits, self-evaluations

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