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Descriptions of colleges, universities, research centers , etc. that have laboratories and conduct research in the fields of ergonomics & human factors.

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CA-Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center [9451] ?

Study of ergonomics in agricultural work practices

CA-University of California San Francisco and Berkeley [127] ?

UCSF/UCB ergonomics program offers education, research and consulting services

Federal Aviation Administration Human Factors Branch [119] ?

FAA's branch that conducts research and implements human factors standards

GA-Georgia Tech Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center [27465] ?

Research in topics related to the interaction of humans to computer technology

Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety and Health [1012] ?

Conducts ergonomics research

MI-Industry Affiliation Program for Human Factors in Transportation [2096] ?

Concerned with lighting and visibility issues related to driving

MS-Mississippi State University Industrial Engineering [481] ?

Mississippi State University's Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering Laboratory

Updated NASA Human Systems Integration Division [84] ?

NASA 's framework for human factors in aviation

NC-North Carolina Ergonomics Center [152] ?

Ergonomics services

NC-The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina [8874] ?

Conducts ergonomics research and provides consulting services

NY-Cornell University [942] ?

Description of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory and research projects

OERC: Office Ergonomic Research Committee [13097] ?

Results of ergonomics research studies sponsored by OERC

OH-Ohio State University Institute for Ergonomics [85] ?

Focuses on education and research as well as consulting

Oregon Coalition for Healthcare Ergonomics [13410] ?

Contains a variety of ergonomics materials related to healthcare ergonomics

PA-Carnegie Mellon University Human Computer Interaction Institute [27464] ?

Research in topics related to computer technology in support of human activity and society

TX-Texas Tech University Dept of Industrial Engineering [14878] ?

Maintains an ergonomics laboratory

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