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Reference materials related to pushing and pulling activities. Force limits for horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling. Recommended limits in the selection of hand and powered trucks and carts.

20 Resources
Cart and Hand Truck Safety - SOP [pdf] [39256] ?

A safe operating procedure sheet

Electric Hand Truck [39258] ?

The basics

Electric Pallet Jack Safety [39269] ?

Safety advice for workers

Hand Truck Hazard Preventions [39252] ?

Hazards to consider when using a hand truck

Hand Truck Hazards and Potential Solutions [pdf] [39255] ?

Addressing some of the common hazards encountered when using hand trucks

Hand Truck Safety Tips [39257] ?

Advice for the safe operation of a hand truck

Pallet Jack Safety Rules [39265] ?

A listing of safety procedures to follow when using pallet jacks

Pallet Jack Safety Tips [pdf] [39264] ?

A toolbox talk

Pallet Jack Safety Video [39263] ?

An online video on the safe use of the pallet jack

Pushing and Pulling - General [8354] ?

Discusses the force limits for horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling

Pushing and Pulling Operations: Assessment Charts [pdf] [29900] ?

The findings of a 2007 study on developing pushing and pulling assessment charts for high risk operations

Pushing and Pulling Tasks [pdf] [20726] ?

The ergonomis of pushing and pulling

Pushing, Pulling and Carrying [39262] ?

Avoid pulling when possible

Recommended Limits in the Selection of Hand and Powered Trucks and Carts [8353] ?

Information on proper hand cart selection

Review of Risks Associated with Pushing and Pulling Heavy Loads [25773] ?

Includes a pushing/pulling assessment checklist

Safe Use of Hand Pallet Trucks [39267] ?

A tailgate topic on the safe use of hand pallet trucks in the workplace

Safety Tips for Pallet Jack Operators [39268] ?

A safety fact sheet

Tips on Proper Use of Hand Trucks [39259] ?

Safety tips for those using hand trucks, carts, dollies

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