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Medical diagnosis and treatment of ergonomic-related injuries. Clinical guidelines and primary care management of acute low back pain. AHCPR guidelines on acute low back problems in adults. Teaching module for physicians and health care professionals on low back pain . Carpal tunnel syndrome. Series of ergonomic medicine guides designed for patients that provide explanations & illustrations. Medical management in an ergonomics program. Painful shoulder diagnosis and treatment.

36 Resources
A Patient's Guide to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [12107] ?

A patient education fact sheet

A Patient's Guide to Low Back Pain [14166] ?

A patient education fact sheet

A Patient's Guide to Neck Pain [25173] ?

A patient fact sheet

Acute Low Back Problems in Adults [2673] ?

Consumer Guideline 14: Low Back Pain from the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

Anatomy and Back Pain [18550] ?

Review of spinal anatomy to understand the causes of back pain and to evaluate treatment options

Back Pain Diagnosis [31343] ?

Information related to the diagnosis and treatment of back pain

Back Pain Patient Outcomes Assessment Team [16138] ?

The result of back pain treatment studies

Carpal Tunnel Risk and Prevention [18379] ?

Who's at Risk and How to Prevent Its Disabling Effects

Carpal Tunnel Splinting [26871] ?

Relief With Night-time Splinting

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Clinical Guidelines [8870] ?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment recommendations

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fact Sheet [27918] ?

What it is, how to prevent it and how to treat it

Case Management for Work-Related Upper Extremity Disorders [pdf] [23460] ?

ICM protocol for the management of work-related upper extremity disorders

Conservative Treatments for Back Pain [3598] ?

Resource for understanding, preventing, and seeking appropriate treatment for back pain

Ergonomics - Preventing Injuries [27917] ?

Helpful stretches that can help prevent symptoms

Hammer Hand & Surgery [27305] ?

Hypothenar hammer syndrome, also known as hammer hand, are best alleviated by bypass grafting surgery

Herniated Disk Guide [23616] ?

Information for patients about treatment options related to herniated disks

Link Reported Between Smoking and Musculoskeletal Disorders [22660] ?

Results of a study of nearly 13,000 smoking and non-smoking respondents ages 16 to 64

Low Back Pain Fact Sheet [27921] ?

What causes LBP, how it can be prevented and how it can be treated

Mechanical Low Back Pain [21617] ?

Guidance for medical professionals

Office Ergonomics Treatment [23564] ?

Common musculoskeletal office injuries and treatments

Overuse Injury [21627] ?

Medical advice on a variety of conditions including CTS and more

Patient Education Materials: Artificial Joint Replacement [12255] ?

Patient guides on joint replacement

Patient Education Materials: Foot Problems [12253] ?

Patient guides on common foot disorders

Patient Education Materials: Knee Problems [12254] ?

Patient guides on common knee disorders

Patient Education Materials: Shoulder Problems [12252] ?

Patient guides on common shoulder disorders

Patient Educational Materials: Low Back Pain [2134] ?

Discusses the medical treatment of low back pain in adults

Physician's Low Back Pain Tool Kit [30680] ?

Booklets and brochures for physicians and their patients

Updated Spinal Anatomy [18844] ?

Information about spinal cords, spinal joints, spinal muscles and other antatomical features

Updated Spinal Surgery Discharge Instructions [18845] ?

Advice for patients who have recently undergone spinal surgery

Tennis Elbow [16812] ?

Describes the symptoms, treatment and prevention strategies

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome [21618] ?

Guidance for medical professionals

Trigger Finger [21624] ?

Guidance for medical professionals

What is an Ergonomic Injury? [971] ?

The signs and symptoms of ergonomics injuries

Workplace VDT Use Not a Risk Factor for Reduced Birth Weight [4010] ?

Outlines results of NIOSH study that indicates VDT use does not cause premature birth

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Ergonomics / Computers
Computer use hazards and guidelines

Ergonomics / Exercises
Exercises & stretches that can help prevent CTD injuries, eyestrain, etc.

Ergonomics / Lifting
Guidance on how to control manual handling hazards in the workplace

Ergonomics / References
Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

Ergonomics / Upper Limb
Elbow, shoulder and upper limb musculoskeletal disorders

Medicine / Orthopedics
Clinical resources on orthopedics

Medicine / Pain
Pain assessment tools, diagnosis & treatment of migraines, cancer pain, etc.

Medicine / Sports Medicine
Subjects related to sports medicine and sports science

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