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Calculation of cost/benefit analysis form for ergonomics. The costs of ergonomic injuries and the benefits of prevention. Tips for supervisors and managers to manage cumulative trauma injuries.

15 Resources
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Basics [14140] ?

An overview

Decreased Productivity Related to Psychosocial Risk Factors [40247] ?

How this applies to ergonomics

Effect of Downsizing on MSD Rates [20395] ?

Study on how company downsizing affects musculoskeletal disorder rates among remaining employees

Effective Ergonomic Programs [20736] ?

Successful strategies are described

Ergonomic Cost-Justification Worksheets [19239] ?

Helps you to calculate a return-on-investment (ROI) for an ergonomics intervention

Ergonomic Win-Win [24768] ?

Making the right improvements in manual material handling can reduce ergonomic injuries

Ergonomics Success in Meatpacking [27026] ?

An important lesson is that many of the improvements came from low tech changes and doing the basics

Ergonomics and Manufacturing Excellence [27121] ?

The link between improved ergonomics and productivity gains becomes clear when you follow a risk management process

Ergonomics Changing Trends [30679] ?

Five Changing Trends in Managing Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics Cost Benefit Analysis [40014] ?

A cost-benefit calculator to help practitioners better quantify the benefits of ergonomics

How to Develop and Manage an Ergonomics Process [pdf] [27458] ?

Guidance for those interested in establishing an ergonomics process within their company

Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace [20396] ?

NIOSH report to Congress concluded that properly implemented interventions reduce MSDs

Realistic, Cost-Effective Ergonomics [27322] ?

A cost-effective, practical approach to ergonomics is more hands-on than theoretical

Strength Testing Information for Employers [21590] ?

Answers to employer's frequently asked questions about physical ability testing

Time and Physical Demands Analysis [27024] ?

Combines biomechanics with time study

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