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Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation. Original and revised lifting NIOSH equations. Utah simplified model. Proper lifting techniques. Facts about back pain & back injuries, back belts.

36 Resources
5 L's of Lifting [20137] ?

Lifting training pointers for employees

Australia: Code of Practice for Manual Handling [18584] ?

Materials to assist with compliance

Australia: Manual Tasks [18583] ?

A model code of practice

Back Belts - Do They Prevent Injury? [2319] ?

Full text of CDC pamphlet outlines the current state of scientific knowledge on back belts

Back Belts - NIOSH Recommendations [967] ?

NIOSH's recommendations relating to workplace use of backbelts

Back Belts and Back Injury [8191] ?

Findings from back belt studies

Updated Back Care for Nurses [18838] ?

Information and statistics discussing the importance of back care in nursing

Back Injuries in Nursing Homes Questionnaire [pdf] [27927] ?

Nursing survey on patient handling tasks

Back Injury Prevention [934] ?

Guidelines for preventing back injuries

Back Injury Prevention Guide for Healthcare Providers [pdf] [24135] ?

46 page guide on lifting and moving patients

Back Safety [18378] ?

What can be done to avoid back discomfort

Back Safety Course [12726] ?

Online tutorial on back safety

Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling [6172] ?

For managers and supervisors in industries that involve the manual handling of containers

Updated Ergonomics & Low Back Pain [11592] ?

Efficiency & costs of medical exercise therapy, conventional physiotherapy & self-exercise in LBP

Updated Ergonomics for Farm Workers [pdf] [23891] ?

Back Injury Avoidance for the Agricultural Worker

How to Safely Lift and Carry [24136] ?

Describes a six step lifting process

Lessons for Lifting and Moving Materials [6194] ?

Worker fact sheets with instructions for safe lifting

Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Tables [23992] ?

The weight limit tables in the past referred to as the Snook Tables

Lifting Guidelines [24590] ?

On-line interactive lift assessment program

Updated Lifting Injury Prevention [28996] ?

Good handling technique for lifting

Updated Lumbar Back Sprains and Strains [19236] ?

Sprains and strains often result from excessive physical demands on the back

Manual Handling in Industry [23580] ?

Advice for manual handling solutions in various industries

NIOSH Lifting Equation [24736] ?

Online calculator

NIOSH Lifting Equation - Assessing Relevant Factors [23576] ?

Explains the revised NIOSH lifting equation

Preventing Back Injury in Manual Materials Handling [17010] ?

Tips on injury prevention

Prevention of Back Injury from Manual Materials Handling (MMH) [8352] ?

Answers common questions on back injury prevention from MMH

Proper Lifting Techniques [3107] ?

Fact sheet outlining recommended procedures for safe lifting

Quick Tips for Lifting [6171] ?

Information to reduce workplace injuries due to lifting

Reducing Back Injury Claims [18269] ?

Powerpoint training presentation

Return to Work - Lifting Guidelines [12092] ?

To aid in developing realistic transitional work programs for employees with low-back disorders

Semiconductors: Manual Material Handling [pdf] [37244] ?

Application Guide for Manual Material Handling Requirements in SEMI S8

Updated Snook Tables [24097] ?

Maximum weight of lift and forces of push for males, females

Strength Testing for Employees [24306] ?

A Means of Reducing Injuries Caused by Overexertion

United Kingdom: Baggage Handling [20353] ?

Aimed at employers and employees involved in baggage handling

Your Back and Your Job [pdf] [39895] ?

Useful for ergonomics lifting hazards training

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