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Recommended exercises and stretches to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, etc. and to to improve comfort when using the computer. Exercises for sore shoulder. The Rolf Institute.

18 Resources
Back & Neck Exercises [15456] ?

Describes exercises to perform

Body Stretches [pdf] [33861] ?

Includes instructions and illustrations for 12 body stretches

Computer Stretch Breaks [434] ?

Eight exercises to relieve strains resulting from computer use

Desk Stretches [18628] ?

A program designed to help you beat the stress that so often comes with computer and desk work

Ergonomic Body Stretches [40572] ?

A series of stretch exercises for in-office, upper body and total body

Ergonomic Exercises and Stretches [24704] ?

For eyes, musculoskeletal system, warm-ups, back strengthening

Ergonomic Microbreaks [26128] ?

Ergonomic exercises designed for users at their workstations

Ergonomics: Stretches [24137] ?

Tips and illustrations of stretches

Exercising with Back Pain [27914] ?

Exercising when you have low back pain can help you feel better faster and prevent more back pain

Guide to the Alexander Technique [8221] ?

Guide to internet resources on the Alexander Technique of muscle relaxation

Low Back Pain Exercises [36725] ?

Exercises to minimize problems with back pain

Low-Back Pain Relief Exercises [27915] ?

Exercise program for low back pain relief

Relieving Low-Back Pain with Exercises [27916] ?

Show exercises that many patients find helpful

Take a Break and Stretch [2311] ?

Illustrations of 12 stretching exercises that can be done near your desk

Take a Stretch Break [21935] ?

Stretches for computer users

The Rolf Institute [4142] ?

Rolfing professionals practice a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation & movement education

Therapeutic Exercise [21625] ?

Focuses on the physiologic and biochemical aspects of physical fitness

Workplace Stretching Program [20735] ?

Effective Worksite Stretching Program Guidelines

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Clinical practice guidelines, patient handouts on low back pain, CTS, etc.

Health / Fitness
Guidelines on physical activity and health

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