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Bibliography of construction work & work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Tables on job-related symptoms by trade, lost time, physician treatment, etc.

26 Resources
Arm and Hand Pain on the Job Site [22554] ?

Advice from a doctor for construction workers

Back Injuries in Construction [pdf] [28987] ?

Results of a study in Wisconsin

Construction Ergonomics [12094] ?

Solutions for preventing ergonomics injuries in construction

Construction Ergonomics [24139] ?

Ergonomic survival guides for contractors

Construction Ergonomics - Knees [pdf] [12093] ?

Solutions for preventing knee injuries in construction

Construction Ergonomics Checklist [pdf] [24745] ?

This document is intended to help develop an “eye” for ergonomic issues

Construction Ergonomics Guides [28391] ?

A series of pocket-size guides on ergonomics for the construction industry

Construction Ergonomics Research [594] ?

Report results

Construction Hand Tool Selection [28988] ?

How to select ergonomic hand tools

Demolition Work & Air Tool Ergonomics [24746] ?

Advice for demolition workers

Ergonomic and Shovelling [28989] ?

Describes an ergonomic shovel and guidelines for shovelling

Ergonomic Methods for Observing Dry Wall Work [3939] ?

Ergonomics study conducted on the dry-wall process

Ergonomic Risk Factors in Construction [23050] ?

Guidance on preventing injuries at the jobsite

Ergonomic Survival for Carpenters and Framers [22583] ?

Handout for workers

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Construction Workers [40143] ?

For carpenters and framers, cement masons, electricians, laborers, sheet metal workers

Ergonomics and Construction [24744] ?

How to avoid back, shoulder, knee and other musculoskeletal problem in the construction industry

Ergonomics Awareness Training for Construction Workers [13383] ?

Outline of a 2 hour master ergonomics training curriculum

Ergonomics Best Practices for the Construction Industry [pdf] [25765] ?

Include the following elements as part of effective management of ergonomics injuries in construction

Ergonomics for Construction Workers [33190] ?

A publication consisting of ergonomic solutions for construction hazards

Ergonomics for Roofing [28979] ?

Recommendations to help roofing contractors reduce repetitive stress injuries

Ergonomics Interventions for the Mechanical and Electrical Trades [33192] ?

Ergonomics best practices - results of a two-day NIOSH meeting held in 2002

Ergonomics Solutions for Electrical Contractors [24018] ?

Describes common hazards that electrical contractors may encounter and possible solutions for these hazards

Material Handling on Construction Sites [28990] ?

Workers should be trained in the use of correct material handling techniques to help avoid injury

Preventing Job-Site Knee Injuries [1160] ?

Advice from a doctor for job site workers

Shovels [16399] ?

The recommended workload for continuous shovelling

Simple Ergonomics Solutions for Construction Workers [35286] ?

A series of tips sheets in one document

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