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Analysis of computer hazards. Answers to common questions about computer use &, typing injuries. Tips on injury prevention. VDT radiation. Keyboard positioning. Computer eyestrain. Workstation evaluations. Environmental office aspects. Cumulative trauma in office workers.

41 Resources
Children & Computers [19248] ?

Researcher studied ergonomics for kids' use of computers

Computer Ergonomics in the Workplace [13089] ?

Repetitive motion injury prevention related to computer use

Computer Eye Strain [13932] ?

Tips for relief

Computer Eye Strain: How to Relieve It [18286] ?

five helpful tips to help reduce or even prevent eye strain from computer use

Computer Pains [40795] ?

This chart may be helpful in troubleshooting the problems

Updated Computer User Handbook [pdf] [27289] ?

For carpal tunnel prevention

Computer Vision Syndrome [12858] ?

How to prevent CVS

Computer Workstation Ergonomics [27032] ?

Review the underlying principles

Computer Workstation Ergonomics [pdf] [38458] ?

Neutral posture, stretches, checklist

Computer Workstation Ergonomics [pdf] [22615] ?

Guidance for computer users

Updated Computer Workstation Guidelines [6631] ?

Suggestions for improvements to computer workstations and computers themselves

Computer Workstation Self-Evaluation [12695] ?

Tips designed to assist with proper computer workstation set up

Computers and their Effects on Eyes [8839] ?

Answers to common questions about the effects of computer use on eyes

Updated Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Office Workers [pdf] [6632] ?

Indentifies the factors and recommends controls to prevent CTDs in office workers

Demystifying Ergonomic Correctness [5968] ?

What makes an office chair or other product

Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse Platform Systems Evaluation Form [19241] ?

Worksheet to help you gather information on the quality of keyboard & mouse platforms being assessed

Ergonomic Solutions: Computer Workstations [15535] ?

Examples of problems and suggested solutions for addressing those problems

Ergonomics Assessment Survey [pdf] [40794] ?

For computer workstations

Ergonomics at Work [2060] ?

Series of short articles on office ergonomics and computer workstation adjustments

Eyestrain Remedies [951] ?

Discusses computer eyestrain and guidelines to control it

How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain [18376] ?

Tips to prevent eye strain from computer use

Keyboard and Mouse Use [21939] ?

Tips on safe keyboard and mouse use with photos and suggestions for improving unsafe postures

Office Ergonomics [23890] ?

Computer workstation adjustment guidance

Office Ergonomics [pdf] [25933] ?

Includes an office ergonomic checklist

Office Ergonomics [16460] ?

Papers on alternative keyboard research and more

Office Ergonomics Consensus Guidelines [11177] ?

Guidelines for adjustable chairs, work surfaces, peripherals

Office Ergonomics Principles [12696] ?

Chair, keyboard and monitor positioning guidance

Office Ergonomics Safety Program [21101] ?

Ergonomics policy and guidelines for offices

Office Ergonomics Topics [8217] ?

The following articles present a variety of office ergonomic topics

Office Furniture Ergonomics [pdf] [16815] ?

Common ranges of anthropometric measurements used in office furniture design

Postural Guide at the Computer [12694] ?

Guidelines for computer use

Rest Breaks & Productivity [2045] ?

Adding short breaks through the day may relieve cumulative discomforts from repetitive motions

RULA for Computer Work [16458] ?

Refinements to the RULA tool for use in evaluating computer work

Safe Office Ergonomics Practices [27459] ?

Guidance on how to set up a computer workstation including posture tips

Updated Tablet Computer Use and Ergonomics [40407] ?

Reducing risk of head and neck pain from tablet computer use

Typing Injury FAQ [107] ?

Large number of resources & info related to computer RSI's and products to reduce injury

Typing Injury FAQ [15027] ?

Extensive information on typing injuries

Viewing Angle And Distance In Computer Workstations [20138] ?

Argues that recommended distances and angles are too close and too high

Work Area Lighting Comfort and Efficiency [16798] ?

Suggestions for computer users

Updated Workstation and Work Area Ergonomics [17377] ?

Helpful Workstation Layout and Work Activity Hints to Reduce Strain and Injury

Workstation Ergonomics Guidelines for Computer Use by Children [19235] ?

Neutral Work Posture for Children

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Ergonomics / Case Studies
Real-life ergonomics studies conducted by universities, consulting firms, etc

Ergonomics / Chairs/Sitting
Chair selection criteria, seated postures, tips on chair adjustment, etc.

Ergonomics / Checklists
Checklists designed to evaluate proper ergonomic workstation arrangements

Ergonomics / Exercises
Exercises & stretches that can help prevent CTD injuries, eyestrain, etc.

Ergonomics / Training
Training guides that simplify ergonomics concepts for the average worker

Human Resources / Telecommuting
Fill-in-the-blank telecommuting policies, training programs, etc.

Safety / Office Safety
Checklists, office safety programs, training materials, home offices, etc.

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