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Ergonomics checklists include those related to computer workstations, physical exertion, risk factor identification, lifting analysis, manual handling, upper extremities, etc. Risk Factor & Design Control checklists. Administrative task checklists. Worksite analysis sample checklists. VDT checklist.

30 Resources
Checklist for Ergonomic Risk Factors [pdf] [3732] ?

Things to look for with possible solutions for computer workstations

Computer Workstation Assessment Form [pdf] [36130] ?

An ergonomics checklist for computer work

Computer Workstation Checklist [945] ?

Checklist designed to evaluate proper computer ergonomic workstation arrangement

Computer Workstation Checklist [pdf] [18375] ?

Created as a fact sheet

Computer Workstation Self-Evaluation [16813] ?

Does Your Computer Workstation Fit You?

Driving Ergonomics Checklist [36127] ?

Ergonomics assessment for analyzing driver ergonomics

Ergonomic Screening Survey [25147] ?

Yes/no job analysis with five checklists

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Workstation [19250] ?

Checklist to evaluate a computer workstation

Ergonomics Resources [25107] ?

Ergonomics tools, data and documents for ergonomist use in workplace task analyses

Ergonomics Risk Factor Checklist [8576] ?

A quick checklist for estimating the risk for developing MSDs from a specific job task

Evaluation Tools [17876] ?

Series of ergonomics checklists and worksheets for the evaluation process

How to Avoid Low Back Injuries in the Workplace [pdf] [8466] ?

Use preventive measures in this handy checklist

Industrial Ergonomics Screening Checklist [pdf] [23293] ?

Use this checklist to identify risk factors for work activities with ergonomic concerns

JSI Worksheet [23995] ?

The Job Strain Index (JSI) method worksheet

Keyboard & Mouse Evaluation Form [16808] ?

Questionnaire assessment tool

Lab Workstation Ergonomics Checklist [40573] ?

For laboratory workers

Updated Lighting Ergonomics Checklist [32995] ?

To assist with lighting evaluation

Microscope Use Checklist [26812] ?

An ergonomics checklist

Office Checklist - Computer Use [27461] ?

This questionnaire will guide you through improving your workstation

Office Egonomic Evaluation Form [pdf] [23907] ?

A form used to evaluate computer workstations

Office Ergonomics Checklist [36057] ?

Includes a proper body alignment graphic

Office Ergonomics Risk Factors Checklist [pdf] [443] ?

Developed to help identify ergonomic hazards in the average office workstation

Performance Oriented Ergonomic Checklist For Computer (VDT) Workstations [19238] ?

Designed to help you to evaluate what is needed for a good ergonomic workstation arrangement

Personal Computer Workstation Checklist [14299] ?

Use this checklist to assess your own computer workstation

Personal Computer Workstation Checklist [pdf] [2750] ?

Checklist for workers to use to evaluate their own computer workstations

Physical Risk Factor Ergonomic Checklist [pdf] [38461] ?

A checklist for typical work activities

REBA Worksheet [23994] ?

The Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) method worksheet

Risk Factor Checklist [pdf] [8579] ?

A checklist for evaluating general ergonomics risk factors

United Kingdom: Sample Ergonomics Checklists [23712] ?

A series of ergonomics checklists and forms

Your Safety & Comfort Checklist [9449] ?

Checklist for computer users to help evaluate posture and work habits

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