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Resources address common ergonomics issues related to sitting and chair selection. Seated postures. Chair adjustments. Ergonomic seating.

24 Resources
Armrest Design [16459] ?

21 page paper on armrest design

Chair Ergonomics [21750] ?

Components and adjustability of an ergonomic chair

Updated Computer Workstation Chair Adjustments [24702] ?

Advice in adjusting your chair

Driver's Seat [32994] ?

Importance of adjustable seat with good lumbar support

Updated Driving and Back Care [32996] ?

Ergonomic risks from driving

Effect of Prolonged Sitting and Breaks in Sitting Time [40716] ?

Hourly short walk breaks counteract the effects of prolonged sitting

Updated Effects of Driving [18841] ?

What to do when driving to avoid back pain, etc

Health Effects from Sitting [22376] ?

The health effects from sitting too long

HFES Chair Arm and Posture Evaluation Paper [19246] ?

Outline of paper presented at the 1999 HFES Conference

How to Choose a Chair that Fits [pdf] [21936] ?

Checklist for Choosing a Chair

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair [19249] ?

Check to see whether the chair will meet at least the following criteria

Identifying Incorrect Posture [27307] ?

Good posture helps reduce back pain

Neck Pain and Sitting Posture [18300] ?

Prevention of neck pain should focus on the reduction of time spent working in a sitting position

Off-Loading Sitting Posture [35785] ?

Off-Loading sitting posture might be beneficial to people whose profession requires prolonged sitting

Sitting and Ergonomics [27031] ?

A discussion of the topic including some unusual stools and chairs

Updated Sitting Correctly to Help Prevent Back Pain [18840] ?

Guidelines on safe sitting

Sitting, Seating and Low Back Pain [14834] ?

Ways to stop back and neck pain from long sitting

Updated Tips to a Spine-Friendly Work Space [18839] ?

Guidelines on safe sitting, ergonomics chairs, etc.

Work Chairs [8351] ?

Explains the features of a good ergonomic chair

Working in a Sitting Position [8355] ?

Discusses work chairs, basic requirements of the seated work station

Workplace Interventions to Reduce Sitting at Work [40785] ?

Study indicates more extensive research is needed

Workstation Myths [8216] ?

Explains incorrect information that has been disseminated about computer postures

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