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Established Regulatory Limits for Surface Water and Groundwater. Storm Water Management Program. Municipal Sewer Discharge Limits. Equipment Cleaning and Pollution. Wash Water Recycling. Model Urban Runoff Program.

8 Resources
CA-California Stormwater BMP Handbooks - Marinas, Boatyards, Ports [18734] ?

All but the Construction BMP can viewed without any additional fees

DOTABLES [26940] ?

Dissolved oxygen saturation tables

Updated EPA Office of Wastewater Management [24888] ?

Federal office responsible for wastewater management in the USA

Updated Sanitary Sewer Overflows [24890] ?

Software tools

Updated Septic Systems Principles and Design [26941] ?

Guidance, manuals and US EPA policies

Updated Transportation Equipment Cleaning Effluent Guidelines [24891] ?

US EPA effluent guidelines for facilities that perform transportation equipment cleaning operations

Updated Wastewater System Specs [18856] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to waste water

Water Recycling FAQ [pdf] [17833] ?

Understanding water recycling

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Documents on drinking water quality such as reports, regulations, guides, news

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