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EPA resource documents on solid wastes - their collection, processing and disposal requirements.

18 Resources
Updated Business Guide for Reducing Solid Waste [pdf] [37528] ?

For small business

Common Recyclables [37564] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency guidance

Composting [37530] ?

Composting as an environmental remediation technology

EPA - Composting at Home [37558] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency guidance

EPA - Food Waste [37560] ?

Industrial uses for wasted food

EPA - Food Waste Management Publications [37532] ?

Managing food scraps and surplus food

EPA - Land Disposal Restrictions [37534] ?

A series of documents from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Updated EPA - Landfill Methane Outreach Program [37535] ?

A voluntary assistance program that helps to reduce methane emissions from landfills

EPA - Landfills [37555] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency requirements

EPA - Municipal Landfills - Financial Assurance [37553] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency requirements

EPA - Municipal Landfills - Groundwater Monitoring [37551] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency requirements

EPA - Municipal Solid Waste - Landfill Regulations [37549] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency rules pertaining to the operation and management of municipal solid waste landfills

EPA - Residential Demolition [37554] ?

EPA requirements and good practices

EPA - Waste Transfer Stations [pdf] [37557] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency guidance on the siting and operating of waste transfer stations

EPA Office of Land and Emergency Management [2406] ?

Extensive facts and resources related to EPA requirements for underground storage tanks and waste management

State Agency Waste Management Programs [26943] ?

Links to state websites related to waste management regulations in the USA

Technology Innovation Office: Site Waste Remediation [2409] ?

Innovative treatment technologies to hazardous waste remediation

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