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EPA resources on Clean Air Act Section 112(r) - Risk Management Plan requirements. Full text of the RMP Rule and List Rule, including final rules and amendments & legal settlements. List of Regulated Substances and Thresholds for Accidental Release Prevention. OSHA vs EPA - Listing of Toxic Substances and Threshold Quantities (TQ). Model RMP plans developed by EPA. RMP Data Element Instructions. Retrieve RMPs submitted by facilities that are required to submit them. General steps to completing and submitting your RMP.

12 Resources
Clean Air Act (CAA) Risk Management Program Rule (RMP) [3394] ?

Full text of the Federal Register posting of the CAA Risk Management Program Rule 6/20/96

EPA Extremely Hazardous Substance (EHS) [10233] ?

The texts of final rules on this subject

EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule [10230] ?

Requirements for submitting your RMP

EPA Vulnerable Zone Indicator System [10224] ?

VZIS to determine whether the address may be in the vulnerable zone of a facility that submitted a Risk Management Plan

Guidance for Auditing RMP Plans under the Clean Air Act Section 112(r) [2652] ?

Risk Management Program (RMP) inspection and audit guidance

Risk Management Plan Industry Guidance [3391] ?

For various industries

RMP eSubmit [2792] ?

For use in submitting RMPs

RMP Guides [2905] ?

Risk Management Planning (RMP) publications and fact sheets

RMP Regulated Chemicals [3397] ?

A list of chemicals regulated under the RMP rules

RMP Resubmission Guidance [2942] ?

Re-submitting, Correcting, or Withdrawing a Risk Management Plan

RMP*Comp [13156] ?

Software program you can use to complete the offsite consequence analyses

Title III Consolidated List of Lists - March 2015 Version [3398] ?

Helps firms handling chemicals determine whether they need to submit reports under sections 302, 304, or 313 of EPCRA

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Disasters / Hazmat
Hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response - hazmat teams

Environment / Air Quality
Documents on air quality such as reports, regulations, guides, newsletters, etc.

Environment / TRI
EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) forms, reports, data

Regulations / TSCA
Full text of 40 CFR Subchapter R Part 700 Toxic Sustances Control Act (TSCA)

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