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EPA guidance on ecological and human health risk assessments. EPA soil screening guidelines. Risk assessment in the Superfund Program. News, white papers, etc. on environmental risk assessment and risk management.

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A Risk Management Strategy for PCB-Contaminated Sediments [21804] ?

Reviews the approaches for remediation of sediments contaminated with PCBs

CA-Calif EPA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment [15436] ?

Provides risk managers with toxicological information relevant to public health in California

EPA Exposure Assessment Models [15424] ?

Predictive exposure assessment techniques for aquatic, terrestrial & multimedia pathways for organic chemicals & metals

National Air Toxics Assessment [21123] ?

National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment is based on 1996 emissions data

Scientific Basis for Estimating Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations [21802] ?

Ad Hoc Committee on Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations, Committee on Animal Nutrition, National Research Counc

SOP's for Developing Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Chemicals [21801] ?

Methodology for developing acute exposure guideline levels (AEGLs) for toxic substances from inhalation exposures.

The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis [15435] ?

Mission to promote reasoned public responses to health, safety and environmental hazards

Updated The Role of Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Environmental Protection [pdf] [22257] ?

The value of risk analysis and the role it should play in environmental decision making

Wildlife Exposure Factors Handbook [15429] ?

Guidance for conducting exposure assessments for wildlife species exposed to toxic chemicals

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Technical resources related to health hazards and chemicals

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Case developments, articles, resources related to environmental law

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Risk management resources related to environmental issues & coverages

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