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Recycling reference materials for scrap metals, mercury, paint, steel, tire and rubber, etc. Universal Waste Rule. Mercury refining.

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Automotive Recycling Industry [16651] ?

Sometimes known as auto salvage dealers

CalMAX California Material Exchange [26919] ?

Designed to help businesses find markets for nonhazardous materials they have traditionally discarded

Construction Materials Recycling [23407] ?

Promote construction waste & demolition debris processing and recycling

Directory of North American Companies Involved in Recycling PVC Plastics [5434] ?

Search for a particular vinyl recycling company that meets your processing needs

EPS Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Sites [16648] ?

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers database of EPS recycling locations in the USA

EPS Loosefill Recycling [16649] ?

Locate a loose fill reuse collection center nearby

Glass Container Recycling [16652] ?

Recycling information from the Glass Packaging Institute

Updated Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries [5273] ?

Trade association of the scrap processing and recycling industry

Mercury Refining Company [3865] ?

Perform full-service mercury disposal/recycling as required by the US government

Paint Recycling [8989] ?

Protocol for Management of Post-Consumer Paint

Pay as You Throw [37537] ?

Also called trash metering - the basics

Plastic Bag and Film Recycling [37546] ?

A comprehensive guide to plastic film and bag recovery

Plastics Recycling [16654] ?

Plastics Recycled Products & Markets Databases

Plastics Recycling Guidelines [37543] ?

Guidelines on bale characteristics, storage and handling considerations, shipping considerations, loading instructions

Recycled Plastic Products Directory [37542] ?

Locate products made with or packaged in recycled plastic

Recycling [26927] ?

Find out the closest place where you can recycle various hazardous materials and household wastes

Recycling Basics [4410] ?

Steps to Recycling Materials

Recycling Guide [37140] ?

Understanding recycling of the products we use every day

Recycling Symbols [37139] ?

Recyclable symbols for materials suitable for recycling and recycled symbols for products containing recycled materials

Steel Recycling Institute [5274] ?

Provides information and statistics on steel recycling

Updated Thermostat Mercury Recycling Corporation [2015] ?

Recycling of wall-mounted mercury thermostats

Tire Recycling [5692] ?

Provides information on scrap tire management

Tires - State Regulators of Scrap Tires [37545] ?

Table links to state scrap tire regulators

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