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Radiation dose and risk modeling. Full text of MARSSIM - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual - used for evaluating requirements with federal radiation regulations. NRC tutorial on radiation. Radioactive waste disposal. Database of EPA toxicity values for radionuclides. How nuclear radiation works. Radiological Emergency Management.

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Atmospheric Radiation Progam [6594] ?

Collect and analyze data to study the effects and interactions of sunlight, radiant energy

Classification of Radioactive Waste [pdf] [26252] ?

IAEA safety standard guidance

How Nuclear Radiation Works [5466] ?

Tutorial on nuclear radiation

IAEA Convention on Nuclear Safety [4102] ?

Conduct nuclear safety reviews and create National Reports on the countries they review

IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security [644] ?

International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Publications [3471] ?

Scientific, technical and regulatory information resources related to nuclear energy

Updated Long Term Storage of Radioactive Waste [645] ?

Storage and disposal options

MARSSIM - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual [7851] ?

Environmental radiological surveys of surface soil & building surfaces for demonstrating compliance

National Nuclear Data Center [883] ?

Neutron, charged-particle, and photonuclear reactions, nuclear structure, and decay data

Nuclear Power Plant Industry Safety Trends [26884] ?

Results of Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversight of power reactor safety

Nuclear Power Plant Safety [26885] ?

Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversight of power reactors

Nuclear Radiation Safety and Security [16779] ?

Scientific and technical publications from the International Atomic Energy Agency

Nuclear Safety Training [648] ?

Handbooks, manuals, pamphlets, brochures, e-learning and educational tools

Radiation Answers for the General Public [39787] ?

Covers natural radiation, medical uses, security devices, food irradiation, industrial uses, radioactive wastes, etc

Radiation Protection Division Publications [7844] ?

Documents related to EPA environmental radiation protection standards

Radioactive Waste Disposal: An Environmental Perspective [7846] ?

Describes the different categories of waste, disposal practices for each type & their regulations

Radioactive Waste Management [3914] ?

Nuclear reactor waste management basics according to the IAEA

Radiological Emergency Management [5538] ?

Independent study course on a variety of radiological topics

Updated Radionuclides Toxicity Values [6382] ?

Chart of toxicity values for radionuclides

Updated Toxicological Profile for Ionizing Radiation [13330] ?

The focus of the profile is on health and toxicologic information

What You Need to Know About Radiation [21827] ?

Written for the general public explaining the basics of radiation hazards

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Disasters / Radiation
Radiological emergency response

Environment / Radon
Resources related to environmental and indoor radon, low level radiation

Health / Sunlight
Ultraviolet hazards from the sun

Industrial Hygiene / EMF
Electromagnetic field radiation reference materials

Industrial Hygiene / Radiation
Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials and more

Medicine / Radiation
Resources related to nuclear medicine

OSHA / Radiation
OSHA technical resources on radiation, including EMF, lasers, etc.

Regulations / Radiation
Full text of DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

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