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Hazardous waste management guidelines & programs as implemented by various universities, medical schools, government entities, etc. Medical hazardous waste. Full text of hazardous waste programs. Chemical waste programs. Fluorescent waste. Hazardous materials management. Hazardous waste disposal. Overview of hazardous waste regulations including hazardous waste generators. Municipal waste incineration. Radioactive waste management. Superfund. Hazardous waste sites. Universal Waste Rule. Waste management disposal for artists and schools. Hazardous waste minimization. Protocol for Conducting Environmental Compliance Audits of Hazardous Waste Generators under RCRA. Disposal of PCBs. Chemical Waste Disposal Handbook. Waste Management Disposal for Artists and Schools.

45 Resources
90 Day Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities [23876] ?

Description of EPA hazardous waste management standards for 90 day storage facilities

Agricultural Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal [3893] ?

Information about the disposal of agricultural hazardous waste

Biohazardous Waste Manual [pdf] [25156] ?

Text of a regulated waste disposal manual

Broken Mercury Thermometers [13859] ?

Steps to take

Chemical Waste Disposal [2315] ?

A major university's procedures for disposal of chemical hazardous wastes

Construction Waste Management [954] ?

Responsibly managing waste on a construction jobsite

Disposing of Chemical & Biohazardous Wastes [18474] ?

Waste handling procedures for chemicals, biohazards, radioactive wastes

EPA - Coal Combustion Residuals [37566] ?

Coal combustion residuals (CCRs), AKA coal ash, are the materials that remain after burning coal for electricity

EPA - Homeland Security Research [37572] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency guidance

Updated EPA - Industrial Waste [pdf] [37571] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency requirements

EPA Used Oil Management Standards [9743] ?

Text of US federal EPA's used oil management standards

Ethidium Bromide Disposal [pdf] [23878] ?

Recommended disposal or destruction procedures for ethidium bromide(EtBr)

Guidance on Sink Disposal of Chemical Substances [pdf] [879] ?

Hazardous wastes are prohibited from sink/drain disposal

Guidelines for Low Level Radioactive Waste & Mixed Waste Site Remediation [pdf] [6185] ?

Guidelines used by the USA military for site remediation of low level radioactive/mixed wastes

Hazardous Chemical Waste Management Reference Guide for Laboratories [3424] ?

Online hazardous waste program and reference materials for laboratories

Hazardous Material Management [2238] ?

Full text of hazardous waste manual, guidelines, handout, fact sheets and biosafety manual

Hazardous Waste Generators [12751] ?

Determining your generator status, identifying hazardous wastes and more

Hazardous Waste Management - Small Quantity Generators [pdf] [23912] ?

A handbook from the State of Missouri

Hazardous Waste Management Manual [pdf] [25471] ?

A manual for the proper management and disposal of hazardous wastes

Hazardous Waste Manual [1080] ?

In use at a major university

Hazardous Waste Marking and Labeling [31944] ?

An overview of EPA and DOT requirements regarding labeling hazardous wastes

Updated Hazardous Waste Sites - USA [9742] ?

Lists of sites by state, by contaminant, or by site ownership; read public health assessments

Hazardous Waste Training Manual [pdf] [21050] ?

A laboratory hazardous waste management training manual

Hazardous Wastes Handling [14053] ?

An Employee's Guide for Safe Handling of Chemical Waste

Hazardous, Radioactive, Mixed, and Medical/Biohazardous Waste Guidelines [24298] ?

An example of guidelines in use at a US Dept of Energy laboratory

Healthier Hospitals Initiative [9458] ?

A group of hospitals focused on sustainability issues

Hospital Pollution Prevention [5349] ?

Case studies, mercury reduction in health care and more

Laboratory Chemical Waste Management [pdf] [27239] ?

Practices in use at a university hospital

Laboratory Hazardous Waste Disposal Policy and Procedures [2177] ?

Chemical biological, radioactive and universal waste programs

Laboratory Spill Response [3613] ?

Example of a standard operating procedures for spill control in a laboratory

Laboratory Waste Management Plan [pdf] [1143] ?

Guide to managing chemical waste from laboratories

NOAA Marine Debris Program [8340] ?

Marine debris has many detrimental impacts on ecosystems

NY-New York Hazardous Waste Reduction Plans [5398] ?

The HWRP, which will be reviewed for acceptance by the NYSDEC, must be updated biennially with annual status reports

Occupational Safety & Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Sites [6212] ?

Workplace safety manual for hazardous waste sites

Updated Radiator Shop Wastes [pdf] [36416] ?

Practical guidance for radiator shops on how to handle chemical wastes

Updated Radioactive Waste Management [8222] ?

Types, management, disposal

RCRA/Hazardous Waste State Resource Locator [24880] ?

Links to departments within state agencies responsible for hazardous wastes in their state

Recycling Mercury-Containing Lamps [12876] ?

Details on recycling spent mercury-containing lamps

Removal & Disposal of PCBs [14885] ?

Construction specs for PCB removal and disposal

Sink Disposal of Non-Hazardous Chemicals [1144] ?

Examples of allowable chemicals for sink disposal of chemicals

Superfund [2410] ?

EPA information on the Superfund - cleaning up hazardous waste sites in the US

Universal Waste Rule [4178] ?

Outlines the waste requirements of batteries, pesticides & mercury-containing thermostats

University Hazardous Waste Procedures [23386] ?

Text of a sample manual offers guidelines for disposal of hazardous wastes

Used Alkaline Batteries [9745] ?

Tips for used alkaline batteries disposal

Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling [33517] ?

Informational pamphlets

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Resources to identify technologies & management practices to reduce pollution

Environment / Radiation
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Regulations / Hazmat
Full text of federal haz mat laws, exemptions, interpretations, rulemakings, etc

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