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The impacts of gas industry hydraulic fracturing practices - environmental and health effects, state and federal regulations, etc

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CA-California Fracking Law [40595] ?

Legal issues related to hydraulic fracturing in the State of California

Demystifying Fracking for Insurers [40614] ?

How insurers can tap into this next phase of U.S. energy growth

Examining the Link Between Fracking, Earthquakes [40607] ?

The link between some part of the hydraulic fracturing process and earthquakes is becoming more than anecdotal

FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry [40593] ?

Search for nearby well sites that have been hydraulically fractured to see what chemicals were used in the process

Fracking - Emerging Issues [pdf] [40617] ?

Emerging issues in insurance for fracking and application of the EPLE endorsement

Fracking - Exemptions Under Federal Law [40592] ?

There are many exemptions for hydraulic fracturing under United States federal law

Fracking - Homeowners Insurance [40613] ?

What if any coverage does homeowners insurance offer that would cover fracking claims?

Fracking - Insurance Issues [pdf] [40603] ?

An overview of the technical and geographical issues related to shale oil and gas reserves and the fracking process

Fracking - News [40591] ?

USA news related to fracking

Fracking - Safe Water Drinking Act [40590] ?

Federal rules

Fracking - State Regulations [40598] ?

States have regulated hydraulic fracturing since its introduction

Fracking and Earthquakes [40612] ?

6 states have especially high hazards for quakes caused by human activity

Fracking and Insurance Coverage [40604] ?

Insurance companies have had to adapt insurance policies

Fracking and Insurance Risk [40609] ?

Risks and risk allocation in high-volume hydraulic fracturing for shale gas

Fracking Insurance Claims [40605] ?

Coverage Issues From Fracking Claims

Fracking News - Insurance Industry [40596] ?

News stories related to fracking of interest to the insurance industry

Fracking, Earthquakes and Insurance [40610] ?

Increase of earthquakes in certain parts of the USA is potentially attributable to fracking-related activities

FracMapper [40597] ?

Maps of impacts from oil and gas pipeline incidents, US shale viewer, map of those claiming harm from fracking, etc

FracTracker [40599] ?

Provide maps, data and analyses to communicate impacts of the global oil and gas industry

Hydraulic Fracking - A Policymaker's Guide [pdf] [40600] ?

For state policy makers

Hydraulic Fracturing - Policy Issues [40616] ?

American Petroleum Institute papers

Injection-Induced Earthquakes [40608] ?

USGS reports on the subject

Insurance Coverage for Fracking Claims [40618] ?

Consider the following best practices for companies involved in fracking projects facing alleged liabilities

Insurance Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing [pdf] [40615] ?

Insurance coverage options

Man-Made Earthquakes [40606] ?

Scientists see increase in seismicity coinciding with injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells at some locations

Mortgage Problems from Fracking [40611] ?

A Gas Lease Can Prevent You From Selling Your Property

US EPA - Hydraulic Fracturing [40594] ?

Results of EPA studies

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