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More than 40 environmental databases. Examples: ADI - Applicability Determination Index, AIRS - air pollution database, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, CEDR: Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource, Chemical Scorecard - TRI, EPA environmental databases, ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System, HazDat, Rachel's Hazardous Waste Newsletters, IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System, maritime environmental safety databases, water quality databases, SEP Database - Supplemental Environmental Projects.

33 Resources
ADI: Applicability Determination Index [12742] ?

A database that contains memoranda issued by EPA on applicability & compliance issues

Air Quality Index - USA [12938] ?

Information by state on air quality - ozone levels, AQI, etc.

Air Quality System [2450] ?

The Air Quality System (AQS) is USA's repository of ambient air quality data

Updated ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal [499] ?

ATSDR's Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database

County Extension Offices [16574] ?

Locate your county extension office

DOE Clean-Up Sites [10399] ?

US Dept of Energy information on active and completed clean-up sites

ECHO: Enforcement & Compliance History Online [10334] ?

EPA Compliance & Enforcement Report database

EJScreen [2994] ?

Information on EPA permitted facilities and their surrounding communities

Envirofacts [3655] ?

A single point of access to select EPA environmental data - seven different databases

Updated Environmental Databases [2772] ?

Access to EPA environmental databases - TRI, BRS, RCRIS, ERNS, RMP

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Database [32323] ?

Search for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

EPA Data Finder [1726] ?

Databases from the EPA

EPA ECHO [10222] ?

EPA database for enforcement and compliance history

Updated EPA Facility Inspection Database - Multisystem Search [17931] ?

Obtain information about a facility's toxic releases, air emission estimates, superfund status, etc

EPA Science Inventory [26918] ?

A searchable database of research products

EPA Substance Registry System [26950] ?

Information on substances and how they are represented in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations

Federal Register Environmental Impact Statements [2414] ?

Database for filing of all federal Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

FERRET [1068] ?

Data on sea surface temperature and upper ocean thermal structure

Updated Hazardous Waste Sites: USA [21126] ?

Locate hazardous waste sites in the USA

Updated Health Effects Notebook for Hazardous Air Pollutants [10445] ?

Effects on human health of substances defined as hazardous by the 1990 amendments of CAA

IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System [2771] ?

Database on human health effects from exposure to chemicals in the environment

NatureServe [17079] ?

Conservation information on more than 50,000 plants, animals, ecological communities in USA & Canada

Updated NRCS Technical Resources for Natural Resources [2995] ?

Access to numerous databases related to natural resources such as soil survey data

Research: Environmental Studies [8936] ?

Full text of National Academy of Sciences reports on environmental issues

Science Inventory Environmental Health and Safety Inventory of Research [26873] ?

Database of US government research studies on environmental health and safety

Scientific Databases [26948] ?

A series of databases

Scorecard [7943] ?

Databases of chemical releases from manufacturing and animal waste from factory farms in USA

SNOTEL Data Network [13130] ?

Snowpack and daily precipitation data for the Western United States

State Environmental Compliance Assistance [24885] ?

State environmental requirements in the USA

Surf Your Watershed [2828] ?

Information, resources & links to local and state government information about watersheds in the US

USA Environmental Maps [2217] ?

Maps that display environmental information in the US

Updated USDA Datasets [4179] ?

Chemistry, biochemistry, food, nutrition, genetics, germplasm, natural resources

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Chemicals / Asbestos
Asbestos control programs, health effects, abatement, technical resources, etc.

Chemicals / Databases
Online access to an extensive number of databases on chemicals

Chemicals / Health Hazards
Technical resources related to health hazards and chemicals

Chemicals / Lead
Information and resources on lead and lead poisoning

Chemicals / Lists
Lists of chemicals subject to environmental and safety regulations

Chemicals / Pesticides
Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Environment / Software
Download software for EPA safety & health programs, site-specific sampling

Environment / TRI
EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) forms, reports, data

Regulations / EPA
Full text of CFR 40 Protection of the Environment.- plus, state EPA laws

Regulations / TSCA
Full text of 40 CFR Subchapter R Part 700 Toxic Sustances Control Act (TSCA)

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