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General concepts & principles of indoor and outdoor air quality. Research studies. Common pollutants. Emission control standards for motor vehicles, fuels, nonroad engines. Ozone depletion. The Green Book. Air quality standards. EPA air quality information. Guidance on building emissions, height of stacks, exposure analysis. Major issues related to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Tools for estimating emissions of air pollutants & performing air emission inventories. The science of ozone depletion.

17 Resources
ADI - Applicability Determination Index [10217] ?

EPA database on NSPS, NESHAP, etc. applicability and compliance issues

AFS: Air Facility System [10219] ?

Compliance and permit data for stationary sources regulated by EPA, state and local air pollution agencies

Air Quality Index [24299] ?

AQI tells you how clean the air is in the USA and whether it will affect your health

Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center [3766] ?

Comprehensive source of information on alternative fuels

Building Material Emissions Study (BMES) [5417] ?

Low-emitting products that contribute to good indoor air quality are indicated in the results of the BMES

Car Maintenance [18694] ?

A series of articles and tools for consumers related to vehicle maintenance

Updated CATC- The Clean Air Technology Center [12366] ?

A resource for all areas of emerging and existing air pollution prevention and control technologies

Updated Economic and Cost Analysis for Air Pollution Regulations [12368] ?

Conducts analyses of costs, benefits, and economic and regulatory impacts of air quality management

eGRID: Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database [26875] ?

Database with information on the air quality attributes of almost all the electric power generated in the United States

Updated EMC- The Emission Measurement Center [12370] ?

Emission test methods and testing information for the development & enforcement of emission control

Updated EPA Air Quality Information - TTN [2088] ?

Access to EPA databases related to air quality

EPA Air Toxics Website [12379] ?

Central repository for air toxics information from the EPA

EPA and Ozone [3149] ?

Materials on ozone from the US EPA

Updated EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards [4460] ?

Ozone, PM, CO, SO2, NOx, Pb air quality standards

EPA Ozone Protection Regulations [5029] ?

Phaseout of Ozone-Depleting Substances

Updated Technical Air Pollution Resources - EPA [12375] ?

Access to rules, policy, and guidance documents produced by the US EPA

Updated Transportation and Air Quality [10065] ?

Documents on transportation & air quality published by the US government

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