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Wildfire mitigation and management, Outdoor fire safety, firewise landscaping checklist, protecting your home from wildfire, fire-fighting aviation management, campfire rules, federal wildland fire policy, firefighting aviation, bushfires, firebreaks, etc.

20 Resources
Updated Fire Danger Rating [15544] ?

How to estimate fire danger - factors to be considered

Fire Shelter Information [15541] ?

Fire Shelter Deployment - Avoid the Flames

Firewise [2228] ?

Articles - outdoor fire safety, firewise landscaping checklist & protecting your home from wildfire

Housing and Wildfires [pdf] [23150] ?

Housing Arrangement and Location Determine the Likelihood of Housing Loss Due to Wildfire

National Wildfire Coordinating Group [15559] ?

Coordinates programs of the participating wildfire management agencies

Smokey Bear [15542] ?

Campfire rules, etc.

Urban Wildlands Fire [25071] ?

Pebble Beach, CA - May 1987 - lessons learned

US Federal Wildland Fire Safety [15546] ?

Guiding principles and policies

WFAS - Wildland Fire Assessment System [15543] ?

Explains the rating system

Wildfire Fact Sheets [33453] ?

List of fire safety and education information, emergency response and resource management fact sheets.

Wildfire Firefighting Safety [5653] ?

Information related to firefighting and wildfire safety

Wildfire Home Assessment [35266] ?

How to reduce risks from a wildfire

Updated Wildfire Mitigation [15538] ?

Steps to reduce the risk of wildfire losses

Wildfire Mitigation [22215] ?

Outlines potential problems and possible solutions

Wildfire Preparation [19867] ?

Protecting your home and family from the effects of wildires

Updated Wildfire Preparedness [16425] ?

Advice for homeowners in woodland settings

Wildfire Protection for Your Home [13966] ?

Follow the advice in the articles listed here to protect your property

Wildfires Burning [2948] ?

Essential wildfire prevention information

Wildland Fire Assessment System [23630] ?

Fire danger rating, Haines Index, fire weather, Palmer Index and more

Wildland Fires Daily Fire Situation Report [25304] ?

Obtain daily updates regarding wildfires in the USA

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