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The basics about volcanic eruptions

9 Resources
Preparing for a Volcano [19862] ?

Provides the basics about volcanic eruptions

Reducing Volcanic Risk [28909] ?

Volcano risk reduction strategies

Response Plan for Volcano Hazards [27399] ?

Example of a plan in use in the Long Valley Caldera and Mono Craters Region, California

Volcanic Hazards [19381] ?

Primer on volcanic hazards

Volcanic Risk Zones [19382] ?

5 risk zones in qualitative terms

Volcano Hazards [2924] ?

Volcano safety tips

Volcano Safety Tips [16426] ?

Be prepared for the hazards that can accompany volcanoes

Volcano: IAVCEI [19383] ?

International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior

Volcanoes of the World [28910] ?

Descriptions of both ongoing and past volcanism around the world

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