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Fact sheets on thunderstorms & lightning. Tornado safety. How to prepare for potential thunderstorm disasters. Guidance on preventing property damage from severe storms.

44 Resources
Avoiding Wind Damage - Window Covers [22220] ?

Advice for homeowners

Be Prepared for Power Outages [13268] ?

Be prepared if you lose electrical power

Beaufort Wind Scale [27644] ?

Also includes a knots to miles per hour conversion table

Updated Hail [19864] ?

How to prepare for hailstorms

How to Prepare for Severe Weather [23817] ?

Series of articles related to weather safety

Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Home [1264] ?

Guidance on preventing property damage from severe storms

Updated Lightning 30-30 Rule [23494] ?

Use the 30/30 rule to determine when to seek shelter before dangerous lightning approaches

Lightning Fatalities [31497] ?

Data on lightning-related fatalities in the USA

Lightning Fatalities in the USA - Analysis [pdf] [31498] ?

Evaluation for the United States from 2006-2013

Lightning Hazards [pdf] [5759] ?

Mitigation advice for risk managers

Lightning Protection Basics [26406] ?

Lightning protection systems consist of five parts

Lightning Protection Manual [pdf] [26101] ?

Lightning protection, grounding, bonding, shielding, and surge protection requirements (pdf)

Lightning Protection System [12072] ?

Construction specs for lightning protection

Lightning Protection Systems [22229] ?

Describes common lightning protection systems, certification, installation, and lightning protection system inspection

Lightning Rods - Should they be installed? [26418] ?

Should Lightning Rods be Installed?

Lightning Safety [3889] ?

Large number of articles on safety prevention & the economic impact of lightning strikes

Lightning Safety [24554] ?

Factsheets related to lightning safety

Lightning Safety & Effective Grounding [27086] ?

Recommended guidelines

Lightning Safety Awareness [23495] ?

Lightning safety and outdoor activities, the science of thunderstorm development and more

Lightning Safety Factsheet [pdf] [25936] ?

Explains the 30-30 rule and provides guidance on protective measures to take when lightning is present

Lightning Safety Guidance [24555] ?

Lightning safety guidelines

Protect Yourself Against Tornadoes [23818] ?

Take Precautions Against Nature's Most Violent Storms

Recommendations To Build a Safe Room Inside Your House [2947] ?

Guidelines and instructions for building a safe room

Resume Work Safely Following a Major Storm [35133] ?

After a storm, businesses should conduct a safety hazard evaluation and assessment

Severe Thunderstorms [31494] ?

From the US Weather Service

Updated Storm Events [10104] ?

Search the NCDC Storm Event database for storms by county in the USA

Storm Spotter Safety [31495] ?

Depending on whether you are spotting from your vehicle or from a fixed location, there are hazards you need to plan for

Thunderstorm Safety [16429] ?

Guidance on severe thunderstorms

Thunderstorms and Lightning [2941] ?

What to do before, during and after a severe thunderstorm

Tornado - How Does It Work? [5095] ?

Explains the tornado and answers common questions

Tornado Data [10102] ?

Information on tornado activity in the USA and globally

Tornado Precautions [22221] ?

Know the basics of tornado safety

Tornado Preparedness [13272] ?

Guidance on building a tornado safe room and more

Tornado Project Online [6596] ?

Tornado safety, chasing, past tornadoes, personal experiences, FAQ and more

Tornado Safe Rooms [10986] ?

Guidelines and instructions for building a safe room

Tornado Safety [23071] ?

What are they and what to do

Tornado Safety [6597] ?

Outlines tornado safety procedures

Tornado Safety Checklist [pdf] [31496] ?

What you need to know if you are outdoors, indoors or in a vehicle

Tornado Safety Instructions [23320] ?

What to do in the event of a tornado

Trees & Storm Damage [15537] ?

How to protect trees from storm damage, repairing the damage, etc.

US National Weather Hazards Maps [25364] ?

Indicates severe weather by state and county

Using Generators Safely [11021] ?

Facts on how to safely use portable generators

Updated What You Should Know: Hurricanes [14374] ?

What to do before, during and after a hurricane to promote safety

Updated What You Should Know: Tornadoes [2521] ?

Prevention guide to promote personal health and safety before, during and after a tornado

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