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Materials devoted to safety, health & injury prevention related to emergency response

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Updated Africanized Honey Bees Guide [39945] ?

How to subdue attacking bees - a guide for Fire Fighters and Rescue Personnel

Chemical and Biological Respiratory Protection Workshop Report [22436] ?

Results of a NIOSH, DOD and OSHA sponsored workshop

Disaster Site Management [23340] ?

Suggested Health & Safety Guidance for Supervisors at Disaster Rescue Sites

Divers Beware [26226] ?

Training Dives Present Serious Hazards to Fire Fighters

Updated Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders [pdf] [40425] ?

Best practices for electrical hazards in rescue and fire situations

Emergency Response Resources [9994] ?

A database of materials devoted to safety, health & injury prevention related to emergency response

Updated Emergency Vehicle Model Procedures for Hurricanes [pdf] [34110] ?

Text of policies and procedures for rescue operations using emergency vehicles in hurricanes and tropical storms

Emergency Vehicle Safety Initiative [pdf] [32284] ?

US Fire Administration

EMS World Magazine [24056] ?

For emergency responders

FEMA Training for First Responders [24058] ?

Prepares state and local first responders to prevent, protect, respond to, and recover from catastrophes

Fire Corps - Volunteer Firefighter Program [32290] ?

Sample documents for a volunteer firefighting program

Fire Rescue Safety Magazine [32289] ?

Selected articles from the magazine

General Recommendations for Working in Disaster Areas [30210] ?

For workers who respond to disasters

Guidance for Prehospital Emergency Services of Radiation Emergencies [22466] ?

Guidance at the scene of the accident

Handling Human Remains [pdf] [27677] ?

Safety and health recommendations for those handling human remains

Hazmat Releases - Best Practices for EMS Response Protection [pdf] [36287] ?

Best practices for protecting EMS responders during treatment and transport of victims of hazardous substance releases

Hazmat Releases - Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers [pdf] [36288] ?

For hospital-based first receivers of victims of mass casualty incidents involving hazardous substance releases

HAZMAT Resources for Emergency Responders [32825] ?

Chemical service hotline for emergency incidents involving chemicals and hazardous materials

Hurricane Hazard Exposure and Risk Assessment Matrix [27676] ?

Safety and health hazard controls for hurricane response and recovery work

Updated Hurricane Response and Cleanup Worker Safety [27686] ?

Safety and health guidance for workers involved in responding to hurricanes

Hybrid Vehicle Safety Hazards [32283] ?

Advice for rescue workers

Updated Hybrid Vehicles and First-Responder Safety [32281] ?

Facts on the potential for injury through electrolyte spillage and electric shock

Updated Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents [22530] ?

Outlines general principles for hazard recognition, chemical exposure, and personal protective equipment

Meth Lab Emergency Response Safety [31939] ?

What emergency responders should do when encountering meth labs

MUTCD Part 6. Temporary Traffic Control [32285] ?

Components of temporary traffic control as required by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

MUTCD: Control of Traffic Through Traffic Incident Management Areas [pdf] [26235] ?

Guidance on requirements for temporary traffic control (TTC) areas

National Urban Search and Rescue Response System [8069] ?

FEMA's emergency urban search & rescue services

Occupational Health and the Disaster Response Worker [24295] ?

Health and safety guidance for first responders

OSHA Disaster Situation Reports [30212] ?

Summary of Activity Sampling Data and Safety and Health Monitoring Information in Disaster Areas

Procedures to Protect Responders from Radiological Emergencies [pdf] [26430] ?

Generic procedures for assessment and response during a radiological emergency

Protecting Emergency Responders [26338] ?

3 reports of worker input who do not believe they are adequately prepared to respond to a major disasters such as WTC

Protecting Security Personnel in Emergencies [pdf] [32843] ?

Provides guidance for employers and their security personnel, who may be involved in the emergency response

Protecting Yourself While Helping Others [pdf] [27679] ?

Safety and health recommendations for rescuers

Rescue from Submerged Vehicles [15205] ?

How to rescue persons trapped in submerged vehicles

Rescue Standards [33537] ?

A series of minimum standards documents for first responders

Updated Respirators & Protective Clothing Guidelines for Bioterrorism First Response [20294] ?

Advice for first responders from the US CDC

Responder Safety SOPs [26230] ?

On a variety of topics

Responder Toolkit [pdf] [40830] ?

Planning tools for first responders

Search & Rescue Safety Hazards [30209] ?

For search and rescue workers who respond to disasters

Secondary Explosive Devices [27378] ?

Standard guidelines on how to handle an incident involving secondary explosive devices

Standard Fire Orders for Structural Firefighters [doc] [32288] ?

A discussion of the 10 standard fire orders

State Move Over Laws [32287] ?

Summary chart of various state move over laws

Structural Collapse - Emergency Personnel Guide [27380] ?

Risks to consider with incidents involving structural collapse

Structural Collapse - Fire Fighter Guide [27382] ?

Preventing injuries and deaths of fire fighters due to structural collapse

Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program [24296] ?

Response to emergency incidents resulting from the shipment of radioactive materials

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