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Nuclear power plant emergency advice on radiation exposure from nuclear power plants. What to do before, during and after an adverse radiological event.

19 Resources
Backgrounder on Dirty Bombs [24006] ?

Includes answers to frequently asked questions

Chernobyl Accident [39801] ?

Assessments of the radiation effects

Updated Dirty Bombs [24014] ?

PBS Nova - dirty bomb program

Dirty Bombs - What to do [24013] ?

Here is what people should do after an explosion

Updated Dirty Bombs Hazards [24005] ?

Provides basic information about dirty bombs

Disaster Preparedness for Radiology Professionals [pdf] [24008] ?

A reference in the event of a radiation disaster

Updated Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center Documents [24012] ?

Pertinent to the operation, monitoring, analysis, and assessment capabilities of FRMAC

Updated Fukushima Nuclear Accident [39800] ?

March 11, 2011 nuclear power plant disaster following earthquake/tsunami

Fukushima Nuclear Accident - Food Safety [39798] ?

A set of questions and answers developed jointly by FAO, IAEA and WHO

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management [22463] ?

Guidance at the scene of the accident and at the hospital

International Atomic Energy Agency International Coventions & Agreements [643] ?

Treaties, Conventions & Agreements Related to the IAEA's Work

International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) [39799] ?

INES Scale is a worldwide tool for communicating to the public thesafety significance of nuclear and radiological events

Japanese Nuclear Accident - NRC Actions [39804] ?

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission answers to frequently asked questions related to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Nuclear Blast Planning [39807] ?

What to do before, during and after a nuclear blast

Nuclear Fallout Shelters - Basics [39812] ?

How Fallout Shelters Work

Nuclear Power Plant Emergency [39808] ?

The potential danger from an accident at a nuclear power plant is exposure to radiation

Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD)/ Dirty Bombs [24003] ?

What are Dirty Bombs and How are they Hazardous?

Radiological Dispersion Device [2939] ?

Terrorist use of an RDD

Radiological Emergency Response [5949] ?

Independent self-study course on radiological emergency response operations

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