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Advice on preparing for power outages.

11 Resources
Appliance Thermometers [20066] ?

One of the critical factors in controlling bacteria in food is controlling temperature

Be Prepared for Power Outages [pdf] [36500] ?

Prepared by a California university - includes power outage procedures for laboratories

Blackouts - Safety [15084] ?

Safety tips for a blackout

Emergency Generators [22190] ?

Things to consider when purchasing a generator

Updated Food Storage Safety [20064] ?

USDA recommends the following guidelines

Planning for Emergency Power [26497] ?

An effective plan makes the process easier and recovery faster.

Updated Power Out Chart - Food Safety [20065] ?

Use this chart to decide which foods are safe to use or refreeze when power is restored

Power Outage Checklist [pdf] [24071] ?

What to do to prepare, during and after

Power-Outage Planning Checklist for Businesses [20012] ?

Planning for power outages

Updated Vaccine Storage & Power Outage [24218] ?

Impact of Power Outage on Vaccine Storage

Updated What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly [24217] ?

Tips to help you prepare for and cope with sudden loss of power

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