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Pandemic crisis management planning resources - white papers, checklists, articles, guidance documents

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Avian Flu Pandemic Risk [pdf] [31676] ?

Risk managment advice

Aviation Industry Planning for Pandemic Outbreaks [34311] ?

Interagency aviation industry collaboration conference proceedings.

Updated Business Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist [pdf] [31698] ?

Identifies important, specific activities large businesses can do now to prepare

Updated Business Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Health Insurers [pdf] [31701] ?

Identifies important, targeted activities health insurers can do now to prepare for a pandemic

Updated Business Pandemic Planning Checklist [pdf] [31699] ?

From the World Health Organization

Essential Steps to Mitigate Business Impact of Pandemics [35604] ?

Immediate steps to take to protect business assets

Updated Flu - Avian and Pandemic Flu Prevention [29045] ?

One-stop access to U.S. Government H1N1, avian and pandemic flu information

Global Influenza Programme [35600] ?

World Health Organization

H1N1 Swine Flu [35608] ?

Guidance from the US CDC

H1N1 Swine Flu Virus [35609] ?


H1N1 Vaccination Recommendations [36273] ?

Recommendations from the CDC

Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers - Pandemic Flu [pdf] [32462] ?

How-to advice on diagnosis/ treatment of staff during a pandemic, developing planning/supply checklists, risk communicat

Updated Hospital Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist [pdf] [31702] ?

Provides a general framework for developing a pandemic influenza plan

Updated Hospital Pandemic Flu Planning Checklists [31700] ?

For hospital personnel

Infectious Disease in the Workplace [pdf] [35596] ?

Preparing for an infectious disease crisis - risk management strategies

Messaging for WHO Phases 4 & 5 [35605] ?

What tosay when a pandemic looks imminent

Pandemic Business Continuity Planning [35603] ?

Practical guidance of things to consider

Pandemic Crisis Communication Plan Checklist [pdf] [35595] ?

What to do right now and what to say to employees

Pandemic Disease Business Plan [31930] ?

Different categories should be taken into consideration when a business drafts a pandemic action plan

Pandemic Flu and PPE [36270] ?

Information about masks and N95 respirators, medical gowns and gloves

Pandemic Flu and the ADA [36266] ?

EEOC guidance for employers about workplace pandemic planning

Pandemic Flu Planning for First Responders [32291] ?

A series of documents and resources related to pandemic flu preparation and response

Pandemic Flu: Resource Library [32368] ?

Sector-specific issue briefs describe the potential impacts of a pandemic and planning steps

Pandemic Flu: State of the Science [pdf] [32367] ?

An issue brief from the Infectious Diseases Society of America and Trust for America's Health

Updated Pandemic Guidance for Employers [35607] ?

Guidance from the US CDC

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Tools for Professionals [35612] ?

Software designed to help state & local public health officials plan, prepare, & practice for the next flu pandemic

Pandemic Influenza Risk Management for Employers [pdf] [27951] ?

Developing a framework - the components of an effective program

Updated Pandemic Influenza Tools for Businesses [35602] ?

Employer and employee guidance, critical infrastructure guide, checklists, etc

Pandemic Preparedness - Risk Management [pdf] [31958] ?

Flu continuity planning advice

Pandemic Preparedness and Disabilities - Employer [37918] ?

Identifies established ADA principles that are relevant to questions frequently asked about workplace pandemic planning

Pandemic Risk - Healthcare Providers [pdf] [35598] ?

What can be done to prepare for pandemic risks

Pandemics Plan of Action [35611] ?

Some suggestions on pandemic risk management

Personal Protective Equipment Use in Pandemics [35610] ?

Guidance from the US CDC and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic [30167] ?

Pandemic influenza planning guidance based upon traditional infection control and industrial hygiene practices

USDOT Pandemic Flu Planning [35196] ?

Pandemic influenza planning guidelines for aviation, motor carriers, maritime, mass transit and railroads.

Workplaces - Preparation for Pandemics [pdf] [35601] ?

Guidance on preparing workplaces for an influenza pandemic

World Health Organization Epidemic and Pandemic Response [1275] ?

Responding to the deliberate use of biological agents and chemicals as weapons

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