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What to say to children about terrorist attacks. Emotional support and guidance post-trauma. PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder guidance.

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A Manager's Guide: Traumatic Incidents at the Workplace [20295] ?

Describes concrete steps to take to provide effective leadership after a traumatic event

Coping with Traumatic Events: Terrorist Attacks in the United States [17856] ?

Materials for children, parents and teachers

Coping with Violence and Disasters [17652] ?

Information based on scientific research and evidence-based practice

Dealing with Stress After a Disaster [14464] ?

How to Recover From Disasters and Other Traumatic Events

Disaster Mental Health Handouts [14466] ?

14 disaster handouts for adults, families, child victims, disaster workers & their families

Help Kids Cope with Terrorism [13350] ?

Ways parents can foster children's sense of security

Helping Children Cope After A Disaster [11736] ?

Resources for helping children cope after a disaster

Insights into the Concept of Stress [20084] ?

Stress management for workers who provide assistance during disasters

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation [11732] ?

Courses on the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress for all emergency services professions

Mental Health Consequences of Terrorism [13360] ?

Are We Prepared to Handle the Mental Health Consequences of Terrorism?

Psychological First Aid Manual [14470] ?

Mental health intervention for disasters and terrorists events - for mental helath care providers

PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder [18453] ?

Facts about about the disorder including signs and symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Critical Incident Stress [11733] ?

Any of these symptoms may indicate the need for medical evaluation

Stress Management in Disasters [20085] ?

Stress management for emergency response personnel

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Disasters / Health Services
Emergency plans and disaster guidance for health care facilities

Health / Stress
Mental health stress including stress resulting from workplace conditions

Medicine / Mental Health
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of mental health disorders

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