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Bioterrorism and mail hazards - anthrax, etc. How to identify suspicious mailings in letters and packages including mail bomb warning indicators

8 Resources
Updated How to Handle Anthrax and Other Biological Agent Threats [20198] ?

How to handle anthrax threat letters

Commercial Mailers Security Self-Assessment Worksheet [20195] ?

To assist commercial mailers with assessing their mailroom security controls

Mail Center Design Guide [16765] ?

All relevant security guidelines

Mail Center Security Best Practices [26375] ?

General Safety and Security Procedures for Incoming/Outgoing Mail Areas

Mail Center Security Guide [doc] [20259] ?

Federal protective service guidance on a mail security plan

Updated Mail Safety [20226] ?

Recognize Suspicious Letters and Packages

OSHA Recommendations for Handling Suspicious Mail [20285] ?

Guidance emphasizes minimum disruption of suspect packages and their contents

Suspicious Mail Poster [13047] ?

What to look for with a suspicious letter or package

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