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Emergency plans and disaster guidance for health care facilities

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Updated Aeromedical Evacuation System [pdf] [26117] ?

Tactics, techniques and procedures for accomplishing air medical evacation of the sick and injured

Army Medical Safety [26120] ?

Safety and occupational health technical bulletins (medical), technical guides, and fact sheets

Care of the Combat Amputee [39480] ?

Medical Issues in the Care of the Combat Amputee

Updated Chemicals: Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents [19911] ?

Recommendations for on-scene (prehospital), and hospital medical management

Combat Stress Control Leader's Manual [26121] ?

US military manual

Communicable Diseases & Disasters [20077] ?

Technical Guidelines for Disaster Situations

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) [7882] ?

Training materials on emergency health and medical services operations during disasters

Decontamination Self-Assessment Tool for Hospitals [30050] ?

A means of evaluating decontamination plans and capabilities

Defense Against Toxic Weapons [pdf] [15038] ?

Medical countermeasures to chemical warfare agents

Updated Emergency Department Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents [pdf] [22531] ?

Advice for Hospital Emergency Departments for Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents

Emergency War Surgery [39484] ?

This Handbook is an essential tool for the management of forward combat trauma

Environmental Health in Emergencies and Disasters [20089] ?

Health management in emergencies

Federal Response Plan ESF#8 Health & Medical Services Annex [pdf] [21901] ?

Full text of Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 - Health and Medical Services

Field Manual: Health Services in a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Environment [4281] ?

Full text of US Army manual on medical support services for nuclear, biological & chemical warfare

Field Operations Guide for Disaster Assessment and Response [37605] ?

Emergency indicators and minimum standards

Groups with Special Needs [20079] ?

Technical Guidelines for Women, Children in Disaster Situations

Updated Guidelines for Hospital Response to Mass Casualties from a Radiological Incident [40127] ?

Guidelines focus on the unique aspects of a nuclear or radiological event involving mass casualties

Updated Hazardous Materials Incidents - Emergency Response [151] ?

ATSDR emergency procedures for incidents involving hazardous materials/chemicals

Healthcare Bioterrorism Readiness Plan Template [pdf] [11501] ?

A template for healthcare facilities

Healthcare Emergency Codes [20413] ?

Focus is on California hospitals

Healthcare Emergency Management [30048] ?

Focus is on California hospitals

HEICS: Hospital Emergency Incident Command System [22439] ?

Download the HEICS Plan

HICS: Hospital Emergency Incident Command System Template [20427] ?

HICS is a set of response procedures which fit within a hospital's emergency preparedness plan

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program [40129] ?

HSEEP constitutes a national standard for all exercises

Hospital Bioterrorism Readiness Plan Template [pdf] [20287] ?

Readiness for Potential Attack Using Chemical or Biological Agents - includes checklists

Hospital Crisis Care [pdf] [30047] ?

Guidance that health officials can use to establish and implement standards of care during disasters

Hospital Disaster Preparedness Guidelines [30051] ?

Focus is on California hospitals

Hospital Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool [30054] ?

Recognizing hazards that may affect demand for the hospitals services

Hospital Treatment Guidelines - Terrorism Agents [pdf] [30052] ?

Treament guidelines for hospitals and clinicians on terrorism agents

Updated Hurricane-Related Information for Health Care Professionals [27685] ?

Topics include infection control, medical management, patient advisement, dialysis care and much more

Immunization & Disasters [20078] ?

Technical Guidelines for Disaster Situations

Updated Infection Control Guidance for Disaster Evacuation Centers [27697] ?

For community shelters regarding basic infection control information to prevent transmission of infection

Mass Casualty Care Strategy for Biological Terrorism Incidents [pdf] [30049] ?

An approach to disaster medical response with mass casualties

Updated Mass Medical Care with Scarce Resources [30053] ?

A planning guide - strategies

Updated Mass Trauma and Triage [23777] ?

Basics of triage in mass casualty events

Mass Trauma Preparedness and Response [23779] ?

Materials to assist in the preparation for and response to mass trauma

Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare [20402] ?

Treating chemical casualties of war

Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare [20267] ?

Includes treatment guidelines

Medical Emergency Preparedness in Office Practice [3870] ?

For primary care physicians

Military Advanced Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Handbook [39483] ?

A resource for managing the pain of battlefield trauma

Military Medicine Textbooks [39487] ?

Casualty management and more

National Disaster Medical System NDMS Response Teams [20214] ?

Explanation of DMAT, DMORT, MSURT, NVRT teams and their missions

Updated NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations [20269] ?

A guide for medical officers on the medical aspects of NBC operations

OSHA Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers of Victims [26865] ?

Protection of hospital emergency department personnel during the receipt of contaminated victims

Pediatric Emergency Protocol [pdf] [25437] ?

A series of protocols

Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units [37601] ?

A network of experts in children's environmental health

Pediatric MCI Field Triage Tool - JumpSTART [25434] ?

A pediatric multiple casualty incident triage algorithm

Preparing for Terrorism [22342] ?

Evaluating the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) Program - 2002

Principles of Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities [22520] ?

Key principles of disaster mitigation - administrative, organizational & structural vulnerability

Radiation Disasters: Preparedness & Response for Radiology [22458] ?

Disaster Preparedness for Radiology Professionals

Radiation Emergency Accident Management [22469] ?

Guidance to those responding both at the scene of an accident (prehospital) and at the hospital

Radiation Emergency Medical Management [37600] ?

Guidance on diagnosis and treatment for health care providers

Radiation: Handling Patients Contaminated with Radioactive Materials [pdf] [11385] ?

A guide for medical professionals on how to handle patients exposed to radiation

Radiological Dispersal Device Preparedness [pdf] [40128] ?

Medical preparedness and response - medical management, patient decontamination, medical countermeasures and more

Recovery Checklist for Hospitals After a Disaster [pdf] [37606] ?

Intended to assist facilities in maintaining a safe environment of care by checking potential issues after a disaster

Safe Hospitals Checklist for Disasters [pdf] [38756] ?

Tool to assist with the determining the safety of a hospital to accept patients after a disaster

Special Needs Facility Emergency Plan Guidance [8300] ?

Planning guidance for special facilities such as nursing homes

Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Program [20201] ?

The establishment of the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (NPS)

US Army Medical Management Chemical Warfare Field Manual [pdf] [11522] ?

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

War Surgery in Afghanistan and Iraq [39485] ?

Describes the management of nearly 100 cases of acute combat trauma

Warfare Medicine [21640] ?

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives

Water Requirements and Soldier Hydration [39481] ?

Factors influencing daily water requirements

World Health Organization Standard Health Kits [20091] ?

Information on the contents of WHO emergency health kits

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Disasters / Biochem
Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism

Disasters / Environmental Health
Waste management, shelter and other environmental concerns post-disaster

Disasters / Mental Health
Emotional support and guidance post-disaster

Disasters / Radiation
Radiological emergency response

Disasters / Survival Supplies
Advice on emergency supplies, disaster kits, food storage, water potability

Medicine / Bioterrorism
Medical management of biological and chemical casualties - clinical guides

Medicine / Disease-Infectious
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of infectious disease

Medicine / Emergency Medicine
Clinical resources on emergency medicine

Medicine / First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Medicine / Occupational Medicine
Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Regulations / Biosafety
Full text of biosafety standards, manuals and guidelines for US federal laws

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