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Links to US federal, state and local government program services responsible for disaster response, terrorism response, etc.

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Updated CDC: BioTerrorism Preparedness and Response [19774] ?

Helps prepare the USA for a deliberate bioterrorism attack

Citizen Corps [20415] ?

Americans working together to strengthen their communities - in response to 9/11 events

Community Emergency Response Teams [2923] ?

CERT teams are designed to manage and control volunteers in the event of disaster

DOE: National Nuclear Security Administration [19775] ?

Works to stop the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

EPA : Emergency Response [171] ?

Develops, implements and coordinates US environmental regulatory and non-regulatory programs

EPA Environmental Response Team [239] ?

Onsite expertise in oil spills, hazardous emergencies & remedial activities

EPA Environmental Response Team [20210] ?

Oil spills, hazardous emergencies, potentially hazardous situations & long- term remedial activities

EPA Radiological Emergency Response Program [19859] ?

Radiological Emergency Response Team (RERT), a designated special response force

Updated FBI National Security Branch [19776] ?

The FBI is the lead agency for a variety of national security concerns

FCC Emergency Alert System [24533] ?

EAS handbooks for AM & FM, TV and cable

FEMA Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance [20017] ?

Public assistance programs provide federal funds following a disaster

FEMA Individual Assistance Programs [21576] ?

Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster assistance process

Health & Human Services: Public Health Emergency [19769] ?

The lead Federal agency for health and medical services within the Federal Response Plan

Homeland Security State Contact List [25187] ?

For each state, provides links to the agency responsible for homeland security

IAEA Emergency Response System [749] ?

UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) role in radiation emergencies

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense [11514] ?

US military unit works with Homeland Security

Updated National Response Framework [19773] ?

Details how the US conducts all-hazards response from small incidents to large catastrophes

NOAA Office of Response & Restoration [25640] ?

Information for emergency responders and planners to mitigate hazards to US coastal waters

OSHA's Role During Response to Catastrophes [27377] ?

Must provide assistance to assure the safety and health of workers involved with the incident

SBA Disaster Loan Program [20730] ?

SBA offers low interest loans to qualifying businesses

SBA: Business Disaster Recovery Assistance [20019] ?

Offer financial assistance to those who are trying to rebuild their homes and businesses

State Homeland Security and Emergency Services [19552] ?

Links to homeland security and public safety web sites from the states and the District of Columbia

US Coast Guard Office of Counterterrorism & Defense Operations Policy [4175] ?

Maritime security counterterrorism division

USA Coast Guard Office of Search and Rescue [10051] ?

Rendering aid to persons in distress and property in the maritime environment has always been a Coast Guard priority

USA State Dept: Counterterrorism Office [19771] ?

Coordinates all US Government efforts to improve counterterrorism cooperation with foreign govts

USDA Disaster Assistance [20026] ?

Emergency help for farmers and for citizens

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Hotlines, contact information for emergency reporting to the EPA, FBI, FEMA

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Non-government organizations that provide disaster relief services

Environment / Hotlines
Tollfree numbers for EPA assistance

State Government / AK-Alaska
US state agencies, laws and regulations for the state of Alaska

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