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Materials to assist with the creation of an emergency evacuation plan, including special requirements for the disabled.

47 Resources
Are You Ready for a Residential Fire? [20179] ?

Advice for homeowners

Building Emergency Action Plan Template [24233] ?

Evacuations and more

Building Evacuations FAQ [20440] ?

Answers relating to the evacuation/relocation of occupants in high-rise building emergencies

Camps as Evacuation or Temporary Housing Centers [22352] ?

Receiving guests and ensuring safety

Canada: Standard for Fire Safety Planning and Fire Emergency Organization [8517] ?

Includes Canadian requirements for evacuation drills and procedures

Corridor Clearance and Use Guidelines [pdf] [28882] ?

Example of a policy for adequate access and use by emergency personnel and for unobstructed evacuations

Disabled: Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities [19390] ?

Help people who have physical, visual, auditory, or cognitive disabilities to prepare for disasters

Disabled: Emergency Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities [20919] ?

Persons with disabilities have four basic evacuation options

Disabled: Emergency Procedures for Employees with Disabilities in Office Occupancies [pdf] [25073] ?

Evacuation procedures for the disable in office settings

Disabled: Evacuation Procedures for Employees with Disabilities in Office Occupancies [pdf] [25958] ?

A resource guide for evacuating those who may need special assistance

Disabled: Evacuations of Persons with Physical Disabilities [24073] ?

Basic guidelines for assisting persons with physical disabilities during an emergency evacuation

Dormitory Fire Drill Policy [pdf] [38846] ?

A sample policy

Elements of Effective Evacuation Plans [27099] ?

How to develop the step-by-step plan

Emergency Action Plan Template [pdf] [27091] ?

A fill in the blank template for emergencies

Emergency Evacuation Plan [16640] ?

This sample plan should be customized by facility managers

Emergency Evacuation Plan Template [24291] ?

Text of a template for emergency evacuations

Emergency Evacuation Strategy [29772] ?

Suggests a structured approach to this essential area of crisis management

Emergency Exit Routes [pdf] [40440] ?

Design and construction requirements for exit routes

Employee Emergency and Fire Prevention Plans [541] ?

Discussion of OSHA requirements for emergency evacuation and fire prevention plans

Updated Evacuating High-Rise Buildings [27098] ?

Chicago, IL requirements

Evacuating Wheelchair Users [23068] ?

Tips on assisting wheelchair users after a disaster

Evacuation of a Building [24075] ?

Emergency response guidelines for building evacuations

Evacuation of Occupants with Disabilit [pdf] [24804] ?

Guidance on evacuating occupants with special needs

Evacuation Planning Matrix [23453] ?

Ideas, assistance, and on-line resources

Evacuation Plans and Procedures [22970] ?

How to implement an emergency action plan and comply with OSHA emergency standards

Exit Drills in the Home [pdf] [15562] ?

How to develop a home fire escape plan

Fire & Tornado Drills [pdf] [21606] ?

Requirements for schools in the State of Michigan

Fire Escape Planning and Practice [19310] ?

Advice regarding fire drills and evacuation planning and procedures

Hig-Rise Building Evacuation Escape Routes [23598] ?

Options for high-rise buildings

High-Rise Building Occupant Evacuations [pdf] [23475] ?

Evacuation instructions for high rise building occupants

How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations [pdf] [20498] ?

Evacuation planning advice

Means of Egress - Corridor Clearance [pdf] [28881] ?

Example of a university's policy for healthcare buildings - providing a safe means of egress

Obtaining and Using Employee Medical Information as Part of Emergency Evacuation Procedures [23508] ?

Fact sheet on how to obtain information to help identify individuals who might need assistance

Occupant Emergency Plan Guide [pdf] [25330] ?

Development, implementation, management

Occupant Emergency Plan Guide [pdf] [25331] ?

In use for US government facilities

Updated Occupant Evacuation Plan [28883] ?

Example of a plan in use by the National Institutes of Health

Office Building Emergency Procedures [22435] ?

Preparing an Evacuation Plan for Your Office

Sample Emergency Evacuation Plan [15237] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety plan

Sample Fire Evacuation Plan [pdf] [23902] ?

For businesses

Shelter in an Emergency [24990] ?

How to Shelter-in-Place to keep safe, etc

Shelter-in-Place [24560] ?

Training employees for shelter-in-place procedures

Updated Shelter-in-Place Information [24991] ?

Information for Businesses

Small Board and Care Fire Evacuations [pdf] [25076] ?

A Guide for the Fire Safety Professional

Using Highways During Evacuation Operations for Events with Advance Notice [pdf] [30374] ?

Primer to improve evacuation planning and operations when advance notice is possible.

Workplace Emergency Action Plan [16984] ?

Sample evacuation plan action steps

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